Liv Morgan Comments on WWE Return at the Royal Rumble: “Maybe Next Year Will Be My Year”

Liv Morgan made her triumphant return to WWE in the women’s Royal Rumble in the coveted No. 30 spot. Morgan has been out on injury since the summer after hurting her shoulder in a tag team title match with partner Raquel Rodriguez against Damage CTRL’s Dakota Kai and Bayley. She bounced back from that injury rather quickly but was sidelined yet again when Rhea Ripley attacked her from behind backstage before their scheduled match. The angle was reportedly done to keep up the storyline and that Morgan injured the opposite shoulder that she came back from the first time.

“I’ve talked to Liv. She’s doing great. She’s really recovering well,” Rodriguez said in an interview in October. “She’s in very good spirits, and of course, she’s very, very anxious to come back. I don’t have a specific date of when she’ll be back. We’re all waiting for her. I know, I miss her terribly. So I’m very excited for that. But I feel like time has been flying, and she’s just been on it, on her recovery. So I would assume she’d be back sooner rather than later. And probably before any of us can really imagine.”

After her return at the Rumble, Morgan reflected on the moment and standing tall next to former AEW wrestler Jade Cargill and Bayley in the final three. “I mean, it’s been a journey the last six months,” Morgan said in an interview with Denise Salcedo. “It’s been a fight, it’s been a struggle. So to come back at the Royal Rumble in the coveted 30 spot, I was very happy, and I felt honored, and just happy to be back, happy to be back doing what I love, doing my thing. Came really, really close, but I am happy for Bayley nonetheless.”

Morgan pointed out that she has a history-making run when it comes to the Royal Rumble PLE, as she ties Natalya for most Rumble appearances. At last year’s event, she came close to defeating Rhea Ripley, her former friend and tag partner who turned on her. “I do, I mean last year, I came very close as well, was also a runner-up last year as well when Rhea beat me,” she added. “I think Nattie and I are the only superstars in WWE to be in all seven women’s Rumble match. So I am a bit of a veteran in this match. So maybe next year will be my year.”

H/T: WrestleZone