WWE Reveals Major Match for SmackDown: New Year’s Revolution, Will Decide Roman Reigns’ Opponent at Royal Rumble

AJ Styles made a statement when he returned to WWE last week, leaving LA Knight on the mat and Randy Orton shocked after an unexpected heel turn. Tonight Styles opened the show on SmackDown to reveal what led to his attack on Knight, but he also made it clear he was coming for Roman Reigns. It didn’t take long for Knight and Orton to head to the ring and give their two cents, and all three wanted Reigns next. Their argument was interrupted by Nick Aldis, who decided to put that shot at Reigns on the line at SmackDown New Year’s Revolution. That’s when Styles, Knight, and Orton will battle it out in a Triple Threat match, and the winner will face Reigns at the Royal Rumble.

Styles got things started in the ring. “Randy Orton wants Roman Reigns at the Royal Rumble. LA Knight wants Roman Reigns anytime, anyplace, anywhere, and I don’t blame either one of them,” Styles said. “And I don’t give a damn about Randy Orton or LA Knight. Understand this. I am number one when it comes to getting his hands on Roman Reigns. I want Roman Reigns at the Royal Rumble.”

Knight then came out and hopped on the mic. Knight said, “I ain’t gonna come out here and argue with ya about who gets Roman Reigns first. You gotta consider something right now. After what happened to me at Crown Jewel, you can have Roman Reigns, after I get him first. Roman Reigns is going to get this man first with everybody saying (LA Knight), but considering what happened last week, the first one on my list is damn sure AJ Styles.”

Styles then revealed why he took out Knight in the ring, saying “Oh you forget so easily that you stepped over my dead body to get a match with Cena.” Then they went back and forth for a minute before Styles said, “You or anyone else gets in my way, I’ll drop them too.”

Then on cue, Orton came out, and said, “Your issues that you have with the Bloodline, but Roman Reigns and the Bloodline, they put me on the shelf 18 months, 18 long months. Now I enjoy being at home boys, but I was missing my second home which is right there in this ring. And I’m going to tell you something right now, nothing is going to get in my way.”

Knight then tried to point out that the Bloodline didn’t take him out like they did Orton and Styles, but before things could get completely out of hand, General Manager Nick Aldis came to address all three. Aldis then said that each of them had a legitimate claim to face Roman Reigns, and he will give them an opportunity to face him next. In two weeks at SmackDown New Year’s Revolution, it will be Styles vs Knight vs Orton in a Triple Threat match, and the winner gets Reigns at the Royal Rumble.

Styles said, “Fine, whatever it takes to get to Roman Reigns. I’ll see you two at New Year’s Revolution. And for my match against Solo, if anyone gets close to this ring I’ll take you out too.” Knight mocked Styles as he left the ring, and now the match is official.

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