Fortnite Brings Back John Wick After Being Gone for Nearly 3 Years

Fortnite‘s John Wick skin is back after being gone for years! Fortnite is a game that has a treasure trove of IP within it. What started as an original franchise from Epic Games about defending bases turned into a battle royale filled with iconic characters across pop culture. It’s the only game where you’ll see Spider-Man, Batman, John Wick, Master Chief, and Kratos all fighting against each other with rocket launchers and other absurd weapons. It’s quite the experience and has made Fortnite to be something akin to a virtual toybox, even going beyond being a battle royale game. On top of there being player created content and maps, Fortnite recently added a music game, a racing game, and even a LEGO-based survival game. It’s evolved a lot and it is always keeping fans engaged.

One of the other ways Fortnite keeps players active is by having content come and go without telling people when it will come back. There is a sense of rarity to a lot of items in Fortnite given they’re only available for a limited time. One item that fans thought may never return is the John Wick skin which has been missing from the game for 1,000 days. A lot of times, this is due to whoever holds the license for the character. Deals have to be worked out between Epic Games and the owner of the IP to keep something in the game, so it’s possible that just wasn’t something anyone could come to an agreement on for a while. Fans expected him to return for the release of John Wick 4 earlier this year, but it didn’t happen. However, John Wick has made his return in Fortnite and you can buy him right this second. He returns with emotes, a katana, and even a new suit style and hair, so it’s not just the same ol’ skin as before!

As of right now, we have no idea how long John Wick will remain on sale for in Fortnite. If you want him, you should probably try and get him this weekend. These skins don’t tend to stick around for more than a couple weeks at most if they’re not a part of the battle pass, but once you own them, you can use them as much as you’d like.