WWE NXT’s Jacy Jayne Reveals Why She Broke Up Toxic Attraction, ‘Look Who’s Last Woman Standing’

Last week the WWE NXT world witnessed the end of Toxic Attraction after Jacy Jayne shut the door on it quite literally. In what was supposed to be a reconciliation between Jayne and Gigi Dolin, Jayne would hit Dolin with a superkick that sent Dolin into a door, and tonight Jayne addressed the reason why. Jayne took some shots at Dolin (even calling her Jannetty at one point), but she wasn’t done. She then addressed the WWE crowd and all those who called her the third wheel and said she didn’t belong when Mandy Rose, Dolin, and Jayne first formed the group. She ended things by saying after all the dust has settled and Toxic is done, she is the last woman standing, and you can find her promo in the video below.

Jayne started bus aying “Last week was the end of the Toxic Attraction story, but the beginning of the Jacy Jayne story, and now it’s all about me. In the last seven days I have been the talk of NXT. Not Bron Breakker, Roxanne Perez, Carmelo Hayes, and for damn sure, not Gigi Dolin. Jacy Jayne! Me me me me me!”

“And for those of you who are asking if I regret stomping Gigi’s skull in, the only thing I regret, is that I didn’t pull the trigger sooner,” Jayne said. “I saw the footage back a thousand times, but you know what’s better than a thousand times? A thousand and one! Let’s see it again!” Footage of Jayne’s attack on Gigi played as well as what led up to it, and then Jayne addressed Dolin again.

“Oh boo hoo. Awwww, and if I have to hear one more ‘did you really need to kick her that hard?’, yes, yes I did! Because all of you people want to sit here and act like Gigi was the victim, but anyone who has two brain cells, which sadly eliminates every single person in this building, understands that I’m the real victim here,” Jayne said.

“Gigi, your days of doing half the work and taking half the credit are over. Sorry Jannetty, I mean Gigi, everyone is going to see you for who you truly are, because your security blanket, aka me, is done protecting you. I will no longer protect you from your mistakes. But that’s enough about Chucky anyway,” Jayne said.

“Listen very very carefully to what I say, because this is going to be the most important thing I ever have to say. Screw…you. Because the last 2 years, ever since Toxic Attraction formed, you saw me as the one that didn’t belong. You called me the third wheel. Which one isn’t like the rest. Why is Jacy Jayne even in this super group? Well that super group Toxic Attraction went on to become the most dominant female faction in WWE history, and look who’s the last woman standing,” Jayne said.

Dolin has some recovering to do after being stomped through a door, but she will assuredly have something to say about Jayne’s words when she returns.


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