Battlefield Friends Actor Tony Schnur Dies at 47 From Cancer

Battlefield Friends actor Tony “Thick44” Schnur has died from cancer at 47 years old. Battlefield Friends is a beloved internet web series centered around four characters that comprise the various “class” roles in the Battlefield series. It began in 2012, shortly after the release of Battlefield 3, and mostly just centered around the hijinks the animated group would get up to within Battlefield. Even if you knew nothing about the EA-published shooter franchise, it was absolutely hilarious and could be enjoyed by all. For a variety reasons, the series eventually took an extended hiatus, but made its grand return with the release of Battlefield 2042. Not only was there new content to take advantage of with that game, but they were also able to mock the unfortunate state the game released in.

The series has garnered millions upon millions of views over the years, largely thanks to its charming cast of characters. Sadly, one of the lead actors in the Battlefield Friends series has passed away. Recon actor Tony “Thick44” Schnur has died after a long, two-year battle with cancer. The news was broken by the Neebs Gaming (the group responsible for the Battlefield Friends series) Twitter account on February 13th. A GoFundMe has been set up and all funds will be redirected to support a trust fund for Schnur’s daughter. The official Battlefield Twitter account also paid tribute to Schnur and offered condolences to his friends, family, and community.

As of right now, there is no word on if Battlefield Friends will continue in light of this tragic news. Either way, it’s likely something that we’ll hear more about at the appropriate time. The series is now a decade old and there are dozens of episodes for fans to enjoy with Schnur’s role as Recon rounding out the cast. Only time will tell what comes of Battlefield Friends going forward, but thousands of fans have already responded to the news with nothing but support.


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