WWE NXT’s Grayson Waller Says Shawn Michaels Planted Fans to Boo Him

Things have been a little tense between WWE NXT’s Grayson Waller and Shawn Michaels over the past few weeks, with the issues skyrocketing after Waller lost to Bron Breakker at NXT Vengeance Day. Afterward Waller was suspended thanks to his storming of the event press conference, and ever since he’s taken shots at Michaels in the ring and on social media. Now he’s accusing Michaels of taking some payback in the form of planting people in the audience to boo him, with Waller saying he’s just trying to be likable.

On Twitter Waller wrote “Just want to thank Shawn Michaels for planting fans at the PC to boo me for the last 18 months. Sometimes it’s hard being so likeable #GoodGuyWaller” You can find the post below, and we’re sure that Michaels will have some sort of response next week.

Waller’s accusation says that Michaels has been doing this for the past 18 months, though the issues between Waller and Michaels didn’t really start until just a few weeks ahead of Vengeance Day. That might throw off his argument a bit, but perhaps he has another piece of evidence to show.

Waller’s most recent jab at Michaels came after last week’s episode of NXT. After Bron Breakker defeated Jinder Mahal in the main event, it seemed to tease a match between Breakker and Carmelo Hayes, but then the camera feed switched and all the sudden fans were in the production trucks. Waller was there, and he quickly took ownership of what happened, saying he was in control now, and that he was the new showstopper.

“Well what do you do, I have the remote now, I guess I run the whole show now lads,” Waller said. “Hey Mr. Michaels, you won’t let me on the show tonight, huh? That’s okay, because I took a page out of the old DX playbook and I took over the production truck. Cause I’m the new main event, I’m the new showstopper.”

“You’re Mr. WrestleMania? Well, I’m Mr. Stand and Deliver and that’s gonna be my show. No one can hold me back, not even you, cause you’re gonna try. So how about we talk about it, say in two weeks on Roadblock? On a very special episode of The Grayson Waller Effect featuring the Heartbreak Kid, Shawn Michaels,” Waller said. “So what do you say, me and you face to face?”

We’ll have to wait till Roadblock for the next chapter of this story, but odds are next week will provide something else from Waller and Michaels.


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