WWE NXT Reveals Big Title Match for Vengeance Day

WWE NXT Vengeance Day is already shaping up to be a stacked card, and after tonight there will be another opportunity to win Championship gold. Last week Dragon Lee asked the new NXT North American Champion Oba Femi for a rematch, but he wasn’t going for it. That led to a match tonight against O.T.M’s Scrypts, and Femi was watching the match. O.T.M’s actions from earlier in the night came back to haunt them though, as The Family came out and got some payback, and that left Scrypts vulnerable. Lee capitalized, pinning Scrypts and getting the win despite the odds. Femi then told Lee he was getting his match, but it would be at Vengeance Day.

It’s understandable why Lee wants a rematch. Two weeks ago Lee accepted a challenge from Lexis King, and Lee would take him down and retain his Championship. Unfortunately, King had sparked the flames a bit earlier in the night after running into Femi, getting Femi’s attention.

That was a big deal, as Femi was the winner of the NXT Men’s Breakout Tournament, snagging a Title Shot opportunity in the process. Femi would wait until after Lee had already taken down King to cash in his contract, and while the Champ tried to put up a fight despite having just wrestled, he was soon overwhelmed by Femi. Femi would defeat Lee and become the new NXT North American Championship, and the relatively new superstar has already accomplished quite a bit in his brief time in NXT.

Now the two men will face each other for the NXT Women’s Championship, but that’s not the only Title on the line at Vengeance Day. Tonight’s main event featured Trick Williams taking on Josh Briggs, which is a result of Williams wanting Ilja Dragunov at 100% for their NXT Championship at Vengeance Day. Williams earned his shot at the Title at NXT Deadline by winning the Men’s Iron Survivor Challenge, but then Dragunov was not medically cleared for their match and it had to be postponed.

Dragunov was finally cleared to compete and told Williams their match needed a big stage, and that would be Vengeance Day. Since then Williams has tried to make sure Dragunov is able to compete, not wanting anything else to get between him and his shot at the NXT Championship. That’s why he decided to take on Briggs for Dragunov, and hopefully, that decision doesn’t come back to bite him.

There will also be a match for the NXT Women’s Championship at Vengeance Day. NXT Women’s Champion Lyra Valkyria will be defending her Championship against Roxanne Perez, who won a thrilling Battle Royal to earn a chance at the Championship. Perez has wanted another shot at the NXT Women’s Title for quite some time, as Perez never lost the Title in the first place. Now she has a chance to reclaim the Title and beat one of NXT’s best in the process, and she isn’t looking to let that opportunity go to waste.

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