Cancelled Lizzie McGuire Reboot Would Have Confirmed Fan-Favorite Miranda Is Queer

Although Disney+ has been home to some significant and buzzed-about original series, one project that was scrapped by the streaming service has taken on a life of its own. A revival of the beloved Disney Channel series Lizzie McGuire was officially announced for Disney+ in 2019, before the project fell through amid reports of creative differences surrounding its adult subject matter. Even though the Lizzie McGuire revival has been shelved for several years now, a number of fans remain upset about the series’ fate, and writer Jonathan Hurwitz has taken to TikTok to provide insight on what fans could have expected. As Hurwitz revealed in a recent post, the Lizzie McGuire revival had taken some of the original series’ beloved supporting characters into consideration — including Miranda Sanchez (Lalaine), the childhood best friend of Lizzie McGuire (Hilary Duff). According to Hurwitz, while Miranda was not set to return to the Lizzie McGuire revival at first, there were plans for her to factor into later episodes — and for her to be confirmed to be queer.

“We didn’t want fans of the original to feel like we’d abandoned that Miranda-Lizzie relationship,” Hurwitz explained. “So we were absolutely planning a storyline for her. We talked a lot about adult Miranda, and her being a musician was part of the discussion, so someone who’s on tour with a band. Her being queer was also part of the discussion, so you likely would have met the woman she was in a relationship with.”


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What Would the Lizzie McGuire Revival Have Been About?

As Duff has revealed in interviews over the past few years, the new iteration of Lizzie McGuire was set to authentically depict Lizzie in her 30s. Several of Duff’s previous co-stars were set to return in the series, including Lamberg, Jake Thomas, Hallie Todd, and Robert Carradine.

“My character was moving back home with her parents because she caught her soon-to-be fianc? cheating on her,” Duff explained, “and she was falling flat on her face at the moment and being like, ‘I need to pivot because everything that I thought was wasn’t, and I’m turning 30. What the f-ck?'”

Will the Lizzie McGuire Revival Ever Be Released?

Duff has also addressed the possibility of her “leaking” the revival episodes, and revealed that although the thought has crossed her mind, she still regards the project to not be “dead” or “alive.”

“I like the way you think,” Duff revealed. “I would be lying if I didn’t say I didn’t have those thoughts a few times. But I wouldn’t, because in my 34 years I’ve realized that everything does happen for a reason. There’s a time and a place for everything. It just wasn’t her moment. I’m constantly asked about it still. All it does is breathe life into the fact that people still want it, and that’s really sweet. It’s not dead, and it’s not alive.”

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