WWE Makes Rey Mysterio vs Logan Paul Title Match Official for Crown Jewel

After his fight against Dillon Danis, Logan Paul made his big return to WWE TV on tonight’s SmackDown, and he wasted no time in getting fans riled up. Paul talked about his victory against Danis without mentioning his name, and then he turned his attention to WWE. While at first he shot down the idea of battling Rey Mysterio, he then revealed that he indeed was challenging Mysterio to a match because he wanted the United States Championship. He would also take a host of shots at Rey, including some that involved Dominik, and Rey would confront him in the ring. Then Rey accepted his challenge and made it official for Crown Jewel, and the United States Championship will be on the line.

In the ring, Paul said, “Just 6 days ago I was in England beating the living daylights out of a scumbag. I don’t know if ya’ll saw, but I won my fight, but to call it a fight would be an insult to combat. A pathetic excuse of a fight, and I should’ve known if I wanted real competition, I could have just had another WWE Match. But I did get to beat up an online troll. A coward that lives behind the mask of the internet.”‘

“Speaking of people who hide behind masks…I know what ya’ll are thinking. I’m not here for Rey Mysterio. Let me jog your memory guys,” Paul said. “I beat Rey Mysterio in my first WWE wrestling match. Been there. Done that. In fact, the last time I beat Rey Mysterio, Dominik was still his son!”

“The last time I wrestled Rey Mysterio, Roman Reigns actually showed up to wrestle. The last time I wrestled Rey Mysterio, LA Knight didn’t even have a job! A lot has changed ya’ll. I’m engaged. I have a boxing victory. I even have a business with Prime. I know who I am, and I am a WWE superstar baby,” Paul said.

“So no, I’m not here for Rey, but Rey does have something I need. You see Rey has respect. I don’t need your respect. Rey has legacy. I got my own legacy. Rey has the US Championship,” Paul said. “The coveted US Championship, and I do need that Championship. So even so last weekend I just beat up a deadbeat dad, it looks like at Crown Jewel I’ll have to beat up another.”

Michael Cole pointed out that Paul didn’t actually beat Rey in a singles match, but a Tag Team match. Mysterio came down to the ring and met with Paul face to face. “You know Logan, you actually remind me a lot of my son Dominik. Amazing natural ability. Passion. You’re dripping with passion. Incredible career ahead of you. And a big mouth just like Dom. I really think you need some humbling. The last time I had to kick some sense into Dom, I was a little reluctant. But you Logan, I’m not going to hesitate to whoop your ass,” Mysterio said.

“You say you need this. You want this. You want this Title? You know what, I’ll give you the opportunity. Logan Paul vs. Rey Mysterio for the United States Championship at Crown Jewel,” Mysterio said.

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