Jon Moxley Returns from Injury and Sets Up BCC vs House of Black on AEW Collision

The main event of tonight’s AEW Collison was for the AEW World Tag Team Championships and would see Blackpool Combat Club’s Claudio Castagnoli and Wheeler Yuta challenge Ricky Starks and Big Bill for the Titles. Thanks to the interference of the House of Black, Starks and Bill would retain their Titles, and then the House of Black turned their attention to Yuta. That led to a huge brawl after Bryan Danielson and FTR all made their way down to help Yuta, but then Jon Moxley made his grand return from injury to even the odds, and AEW seems to be setting up House of Black vs BCC in a huge way.

Ricky Starks started running around the ring and avoiding Yuta, but eventually, he got back in the ring. Starks tried to lock in a hold but Yuta kept countering. They traded reversals for a while and ended up in a stalemate, and Starks would tag in Bill. Yuta stayed in the match to go against Bill, but Bill hit a clubbing blow and then threw Yuta into the corner turnbuckle. Yuta kept fighting but Bill delivered a massive chop to Yuta’s chest and kicked Yuta’s hand away.

Bill hit Yuta with another chop and then a punch to the face as Starks taunted him. Yuta hit some chops of his own but Bill threw Yuta over the ropes. Yuta stayed on the ring apron but then got distracted by Starks and ended up getting catapulted into the barricade by a huge kick from Bill.

Starks tagged in and then put a shirt over Yuta so he could drag him, and Starks then used it to launch Yuta into the barricade. Starks rolled Yuta in and Yuta immediately went to tag in Castagnoli, but Starks caught his foot. Starks then kept Yuta busy while Bill tried to attack Castagnoli in his corner, but Claudio dodged the move.

Bill tagged in and went to work on Yuta, launching him into the opposite corner. Yuta was in rough shape but Bill kept pressing, throwing Yuta into the other corner. Bill taunted the crowd a bit and then stomped on Yuta in the corner. Bill picked up Yuta and dragged him to their corner, tagging in Starks. Starks slammed down Yuta and went for the pin, but Yuta kicked out.

Bill tagged in and kept the heat on Yuta, but Yuta was able to pull the rope down and send Bill to the floor. Yuta tried to crawl towards his corner but Starks distracted Castagnoli and Bill kicked him off the ring apron. Yuta got to his corner but no one was there, and then Bill slammed Yuta down, but Yuta managed to still kick out of the pin attempt.

Bill brought an elbow down and then went for another, but missed with the second one. Yuta hit a back blow to Bill but Bill kicked Yuta in the face. Bill would miss the next attack though, slamming into the turnbuckle face-first. Bill crawled towards Starks but Yuta was out cold in the middle of the ring. Yuta came to his senses and crawled towards Castagnoli, and finally tagged Claudio in.

Claudio blitzed a tagged-in Starks with uppercuts and a throw to the corner and then hit a ridiculous number of clotheslines. Castagnoli hit a dropkick and then knocked Starks down before going for the pin, but Starks kicked out. Castagnoli went for the swing but Starks fought out of it and got to the floor. Castagnoli charged right at Starks and connected with an uppercut, sending Starks into the barricade. Then Castagnoli did the same to Big Bill, knocking him into the opposite barricade.

Castagnoli picked up Starks and threw him in the ring before going up top. Castagnoli hit a crossbody into a cover but Starks kicked out. Castagnoli got Starks up top and hit another uppercut before going up there with him. Bill held Starks’ leg to keep him from moving, but Yuta came over and knocked Bill to the floor. Castagnoli hit a superplex on Starks and went for the cover, but Starks kicked out. Castagnoli then locked in the cross-face on Starks, and then released it and cinched it in again. Starks would kick out again but Starks got knocked back to the mat quickly, though he kicked out once more.

Castagnoli went for the finisher but Starks broke it up and Bill tagged in. Starks then hit a Tornado DDT and Bill came in and slammed Castagnoli down into a pin attempt, but Castagnoli kicked out. Bill went to lift Claudio, but Claudio lifted Bill instead. Castagnoli hit an uppercut and Yuta tagged in and went up top. Yuta hit the dropkick and covered Bill, but Bill got his left shoulder up. Yuta hit a number of blows to Bill’s neck, but Starks came in and interfered, setting Bill up for a clothesline. Yuta was able to get his shoulder up and kick out of a pin by Bill, and then Bill went and pushed Castagnoli off the apron.

Bill tagged in Starks but Yuta got away from Bill. Bill then slammed Yuta down and Starks tried to pin him, but Yuta kicked out. Starks then got rocked by a kick from Yuta and Yuta slammed him down and tagged in Claudio. Claudio kicked Bill off the apron and then hit a Lariat on Starks into a pin, but Starks kicked out. Castagnoli then started swinging Starks and Yuta hit the dropkick into a pin, but Bill broke it up. Bill tried to chokeslam both BCC members, but they were able to knock him to the floor.

Castagnoli then told Yuta to get up top, but then the House of Black appeared and knocked Yuta off the top rope. Brody King then knocked Castagnoli over the barricade. Bill rolled Yuta into the ring and that let Starks slam him down and get the pin and the win, retaining the AEW Tag Team Championships.

The House of Black then got up on the apron and confronted Starks and Bill, but they turned their attention to Yuta, attacking him and stomping on him in the ring. Bryan Danielson then came down to the ring but got mauled by Starks and the House of Black, and then FTR came down and confronted the House of Black, but they got beat down too. That’s when Jon Moxley’s music hit and Moxley rolled right into the brawl. The tide finally turned, and House of Black, Starks, and Bill were all cleared from the ring. Starks thought his group was coming with him but they stayed behind, and Starks ended up eating a number of moves from BCC and FTR, with FTR keeping Bill away from his Tag Team Partner.