Watch: Ric Flair Documentary Trailer Released, Premiere Date Announced

Ric Flair’s upcoming documentary Becoming Ric Flair will officially premiere on Peacock on Dec. 26. A press release for the two-hour doc dropped on Monday night, reading, “Today, Ric Flair and Peacock announced that Original documentary Woooooo! Becoming Ric Flair will begin streaming exclusively on Peacock Monday, December 26, 2022.” The project is a co-creation of WWE and sports reporter Tom Rinaldi.

“Many stories have been told about The Nature Boy over the past 50 years,” Flair said in the release, “I’m thrilled to have partnered with WWE and Peacock to produce the most accurate depiction of my life to date and hope audiences enjoy the ride. Woooo!”

Flair has hyped up the doc multiple times on his To Be The Man Podcast. He said back in late October that the special would outperform his 30 for 30 special from 2017.

“This will be better than my 30 for 30 on ESPN because I made them promise me that whatever I said they wouldn’t edit. I’m not going to do something that’s going to be edited again,” Flair said. “It’s been passionate and I expressed everything that I thought was good or bad in my life. I discussed my personal life, my personal problem, family problems, wrestling problems. Issues with people that I’ve had. I just answered questions and I answered them as truthfully as I could. How big is when you have Tom Rinaldi doing it? I had 12 hours with Tom Rinaldi. He asked my every godd– question in the world.”


He then claimed in a separate episode that it will address the recent “Plane Ride From Hell” sexual misconduct allegations made in an episode of Dark Side of the Ring — “One of the most difficult things I’ve ever been through in my life personally, aside from health issues, is having 85,000 people tell me within two minutes I wasn’t on the opening of Raw or Smackdown after that bullsh*t when the plane ride from hell came out, which is all bulls– which it explained thoroughly in my new documentary, I mean, thoroughly. I am calling some people out big time.”