The Bloodline Collapse Begins as One Member Turns Their Back on Roman Reigns on WWE SmackDown

Tonight’s WWE SmackDown ended with a special episode of the KO Show featuring Undisputed Tag Team Champions Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens, it wasn’t long before the show went off the rails. At one point Owens called out Roman Reigns, but Paul Heyman answered the call. Before he could finish talking though, The Usos came out to the ring, much to his surprise, and then things got really chaotic. During the ensuing conversation in the ring, Jimmy would shock everyone by saying he was the Tribal Chief, and that led to Reigns coming out to the ring. Things would end up devolving even further and by the end, the fractures between Jimmy and Reigns were at an all-time high, and this could really be the first major step in a Bloodline implosion.

After Owens called out Reigns, The Usos came to the ring and interrupted Paul Heyman. Heyman tried to get them back but they were already in the ring and talking to Owens and Zayn. Jey said “You out here talking like it’s all good though. Like we didn’t forget what you did to us last week. You’re so worried about tomorrow night, but real talk, you have a bigger problem standing in front of your face Sami!”

Zayn went to respond but Owens stopped him. “No no no no, I got this. You know what. Paul, just wanna give you a little spoiler. I knew Roman wouldn’t come out because I don’t care. You two are the ones I wanted to talk to,” Owens said. “For months this guy has been telling me we need to help The Usos. After everything we’ve done. After everything you’ve done and what’s happened between us all. I don’t care, gotta tell ya. But if I tell you what I think, maybe it will get through.”

“Acknowledge this. He (Sami) has been right about everything the whole time. He’s been right about the way Roman Reigns treats you. He’s been right about how you deserve better,” Owens said. “Roman Reigns, this narcissistic delusional… calls himself the head of the table. He can call himself that all he wants, but I’m looking at the heart of that table right in front of me. What do you think the Bloodline would be without you?”

“But he treats you like you’re the appendix of the table. Like he doesn’t really need you. Look at you guys. He uses you. You guys think about it. You guys don’t do anything unless Roman Reigns tell you to. Jimmy, you know I’m telling the truth. What goes through your head knowing you were one of the greatest, no scratch that, the greatest tag team in WWE, than being nothing more than Roman Reigns’ little errand boys,” Owens said.

Jimmy didn’t take kindly to that. “And check this out Zayn, standing right in front of you, is the greatest Tag Team in the world. When it comes down to the Day 1s, I am the tribal Chief,” Jimmy said. Heyman’s face was priceless, and then Roman’s music hit as the Tribal Chief came out to the ring.

When he got there Reigns got in the face of both Jey and Jimmy, knocking the microphones out of their hands and throwing them away. Zayn said “Hey Roman, you know it’s over right? You know that right? You know the bloodline is collapsing, and it’s all your fault.”

Reigns then got in Zayn’s face and threw his microphone, and that’s when Owens hit Reigns with a Stunner. Then Zayn hit The Usos and chaos broke out. The tide turned when Solo hit the ring, as he was able to spike Zayn and then reverse a Stunner and spike Owens. Reigns then speared Zayn, but the drama wasn’t over yet.

The Usos picked up the Tag Team Titles, which caused Reigns to stare at them angrily. Jey would give his Titles to Solo, but Jimmy wouldn’t hand the Titles over to Reigns. Reigns got in his face and Jey tried to get Jimmy to give them over, but he wouldn’t. Jimmy then backed away with the Titles and Jey had to talk to him, almost pulling them away from him. Jey then gave the Titles to Reigns, but there was still some hesitancy. Then Reigns and Sikoa held up the Titles, with Jey holding up the 1, but Jimmy wasn’t having any of it, turning his back on the group and heading to the corner, choosing not to join them.

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