Texas Chain Saw Massacre Update Coming This Week, Patch Notes Released

A new update is coming to The Texas Chain Saw Massacre on October 24th, and when it arrives, players will be able to purchase a whole bunch of new skins for the game’s family members and their victims. All of that content comes with a price tag attached, but players that don’t plan to spend any cash on cosmetics can also look forward to a handful of updates to make the game run smoother. There isn’t anything too significant this time around, but there are some nice quality of life improvements. Full patch notes from the game’s subreddit can be found below:


  • Fixed: XP for Disconnected Victims Killed

    • We have fixed an issue that caused XP to be lost if a player disconnected during the execution.

  • Changed: Match End Logic

    • Match End Logic will now check for disconnected players, rather than waiting the 10 seconds previously to end the match.

  • Tuned: XP Values for Family Actions

    • We have increased the XP earned for various Family actions and objectives to bring it closer to balance with the Victim side.

  • Tuned: Character Bios

    • We have edited and updated some of the character bios.

Making a Better Massacre

While these tweaks aren’t much to write home about, they should make for a better overall experience for Texas Chain Saw Massacre players. In particular, players should be happy to see that they won’t be penalized for disconnecting mid-execution now, allowing them to still get the XP earned during play. Sometimes players are in a hurry to jump into the next match, and since they’ve already been killed, there’s no reason they should be forced to sit through the execution to ensure they still get their XP.

The alterations to XP earned by family members should also give players more incentive to select these characters, since they’ll make it a little more balanced. The developers did not offer any further details about that change, or the reason behind the character bio changes.

Future Texas Chain Saw Massacre Content

While all of the new content in this update is paid content, that won’t remain the case in the future. Gun Media has indicated that maps will be free, though it’s unclear exactly when new locations will be added. Paid content will continue to take the form of new skins, such as the Nicotero Leatherface design, or other designs for the game’s victims.

With these skins set to drop in the game soon, it will be interesting to see what the developers unveil next! Gun Media only has the rights to the original Texas Chain Saw Massacre film, so any content added will have to be based on the 1974 movie. The other option is brand-new content, like we’re seeing with Nicotero Leatherface.

Do you plan on buying any of this new content for The Texas Chain Saw Massacre? What do you think of these updates? Share your thoughts with me directly on Twitter at @Marcdachamp or on Instagram at @Dachampgaming!