Succession: The Biggest Secrets of Season 4 Finally Come Out

While the most surprising and emotional episode of Succession‘s four-season run belongs to “Connor’s Wedding,” the award-winning series may have just delivered its darkest hour on Sunday night. The new episode, “America Decides,” follows the presidential election in the world of Succession, behind-the-scenes at ATN. It’s an episode that shows the true face of many of its core characters, and reveals what happens when business is chosen over democracy. It’s also an episode that fans have been waiting for, as the two biggest secrets of the season have finally come to light.

WARNING: This article contains major spoilers for the latest episode of Succession! Continue reading at your own risk…

The election was obviously at the center of the new hour of Succession, but it also contains a couple of massive reveals for its characters. Shiv, who is currently set up to be the one voice of reason in the Roy family, has been keeping two huge secrets from her “loved” ones. Both of those come to light in this episode, and those lies ultimately lead the trio of Roman, Kendall, and Tom to call the election for Republican Jeryd Mencken, essentially giving him power even though a ton of votes (that likely would’ve gone the other way) being destroyed in a fire.

Viewers learned early in Succession Season 4 that Shiv was pregnant. Until this point, Shiv didn’t tell anyone. That includes Tom, the baby’s father, who told Shiv she’d make a terrible mother in last week’s episode. This week, she tells him, completely catching him off-guard. He even asks if the news is made up, some sort of “tactic” on Shiv’s part surrounding the election and the deal with Mattson.

Speaking of Mattson, he’s the key to Shiv’s other big secret. Kendall and Roman have been trying to tank the Mattson deal, but Shiv has been working behind their backs to keep things moving along. Ken gets a whiff of her position and asks Greg point-blank what he’s heard, and Greg shares the truth.

Kendall spends the episode on the fence, squarely between Shiv and Roman, trying to decide what to do about the election. He knows he shouldn’t call it for Mencken because nothing has been won, but Mencken agreed to block the Mattson deal if ATN helped him win the election. Because Shiv lied to him, Kendall ultimately sides with Roman and gives Tom the order to call it. Shiv pleads with Tom, but he takes the side of her brothers.

The news of her work with Mattson couldn’t have come at a worse time for Shiv, but now everything is out in the open. Her new goal is to work with Mattson to push the deal through and take down her brothers.

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