Spy x Family Welcomes Chainsaw Man to the Family In Viral Fan-Film: Watch

Chainsaw Man and Spy x Family are easily two of the biggest anime series to release their first seasons in 2022. With both the Forger Family and the Devil Hunters taking two very different journeys, that hasn’t stopped one fan from imagining what would happen if the two universes crossed paths. As fans await word on whether the anime adaptations will receive second seasons, it will be interesting to see which of these two series are able to come out on top.

While Pochita was only heavily featured in the first episode of Chainsaw Man, essentially fusing with his beloved Denji to save his life, and in doing so, removing himself from the series, the canine mascot has become a beloved part of the bloody series. With numerous pieces of merchandise depicting the original Chainsaw Devil, he might no longer be at the forefront, but his presence remains. Granting Denji the power of a devil, Pochita only asks to be a part of his owner’s dreams and watch as the young protagonist works toward attempting to earn a roof over his head, eat three square meals per day, and potentially get a girlfriend when all is said and done.

Spy x Chainsaw

The new mash-up video not only sees the Forger Family adding Pochita to their clan rather than Bond Forger, but it also imagines a new Chainsaw Devil wherein Anya is able to merge with the adorable canine and go so far as to travel to different anime universes to show off her new power:

Both Spy x Family and Chainsaw Man are preparing to end their first seasons, and while neither has been confirmed for a second as of this point in time, it’s a safe bet that the Forgers and the Devil Hunters will be returning in the future thanks to their growing popularity. In the manga world, both series are continuing to release new chapters from their respective creators, Tatsuya Endo and Tatsuki Fujimoto, though their stories continue to be as different from one another as possible.


What do you think of this hilarious fusion between the Forger Family and Denji’s beloved Pochita? Do you think both anime series will confirm a second season before the end of this year? Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics, anime, and the world of chainsaws and Forgers.