Bleach Is Crushing Unohana’s Long-Awaited Arc

Bleach’s Thousand Year Blood War had Kenpachi making quite the arrival to the fight against the Sternritter, managing to eliminate a good number of them as he tried his skills and strength out in a one-on-one match against their leader, Yhwach. Despite his strength, Kenpachi was unsuccessful at winning this major battle and he is now facing down Unohana in an effort to bolster his spiritual pressure. Following the latest episode, fans are taking to social media to praise the back story of Unohana and how Pierrot has handled the former “Kenpachi”.

Along with the return of Ichigo Kurosaki and his fellow Shinigami in Bleach’s anime adaptation, so to have we see Studio PIerrot, the animation house responsible for the initial seasons, make a comeback. With the studio not missing a beat in returning to the Soul Society, it’s clear that they’ve evolved in bringing the fight against the Wandenreich to the small screen. Following the black eye that the Shinigami received via the Sternritter’s assault on their headquarters, the Soul Reapers have decided to take drastic action in helping Kenpachi become stronger. Throughout the episode run of Bleach’s anime, Kenpachi has been a powerhouse of epic proportions, though has never been able to unleash a Bankai, which is a fact that Unohana might be looking to change.

Thousand Year Unohana

Twitter Users have been taking to social media to admire how Studio Pierrot has been able to capture the intensity of Unohana in her battle against Kenapchia, with Bleach revealing that not only was she a member of the original thirteen captains that helped forge Soul Society, but was more like Kenpachi than many had anticipated:

Unohana having a similar background to Kenpachi might throw many for a loop, especially when it comes to the ferocity of the battle that the two have begun in this latest installment. Ironically enough, this recent episode also revealed that the reasoning behind why Kenpachi never used his Bankai was partly due to the higher-ups of the Soul Society worrying that should he learn this technique, he might one day use it against them. With Kenpachi and Unohana’s fight hinting that one of the combatants might not make it out of the conflict alive, the Blood War continues to live up to its name.


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