Spider-Man PS1 Developer Is Game for a Remake

One of the developers on Spider-Man for PlayStation is very much open to remaking the game. Spider-Man is one of the most beloved characters in pop culture and he has been iterated upon for over half a century now. From comics to television to film to games, Spider-Man is an eternal staple of superheroes now and is arguably the face of Marvel itself. He’s relatable, has a unique set of powers, a sick costume, and an incredible set of villains. Over the last few years, we have gotten some of the most significant Spider-Man stories of all-time with Spider-Man: No Way Home, the Spider-Verse films, and Insomniac’s groundbreaking Spider-Man games.

Long before Insomniac’s take on the character, however, was Neversoft’s. The studio brought Spider-Man into the 3D era of gaming with Spider-Man for PlayStation. There had been some Spidey games prior to this, but this one was a bit different as it was a 3D space for players to swing around New York. It wasn’t open-world and you couldn’t go below the skyline, but it was a great starting point. It was an immediate hit and super iconic for its time, later serving as the basis for games like the similarly named Spider-Man, based on the 2002 movie starring Tobey Maguire. From there, things would evolve very quickly as technology progressed and allowed developers to further capture the fantasy of Spider-Man. Despite the fact we have a highly detailed, fully explorable version of New York with an incredible story and rich gameplay in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, some fans want to go back to the original. GamingBible spoke to Spider-Man lead designer Chad Findley about possibly remaking the game and he stated that he’d love to, licensing headaches aside.

“While I would initially be reticent because of the nightmarish licensing and approval processes that are around these days… I absolutely would do it. I love Spider-Man. It was such a great, nerdy character with stories that always have positive messages and themes while also still being exciting and fun. Stuff we need these days.”

Of course, it seems like PlayStation is more than happy with what Insomniac Games is doing. Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is the fastest selling PlayStation exclusive of all-time, the highest rated game from Insomniac, and one of the most beloved games of the entire generation. It will likely go on to win some awards next month as well or at the very least be nominated. Whether Marvel is interested in remaking old games that are admittedly a bit dated now is a mystery. Those games are usually caught up in all kinds of licensing nightmares, so it may not even be worth it to these companies to even attempt, even if they wanted to do it.