Doritos Reveals Doritos Silent, A “Crunch Canceling” Technology For Gamers

Doritos has revealed a very interesting new piece of technology that allows users the ability to make it so you can’t hear the crunch of the chip while playing online games. There are few things that go together as much as gaming and Doritos and Mountain Dew. It’s the holy trinity, it’s the fuel that gets gamers going. Call of Duty, Halo, and numerous other games have used these brands to promote their games and offer in-game rewards and more or less created a stereotype around gamers who play with Dorito dust-covered fingers. It’s good brand synergy!

With all of that said, despite there being many joys to munching on your favorite Doritos flavor while racking up kills in Call of Duty, it does come with a consequence. You either have to mute your mic like a courteous person or torment your friends with the atomic sounds of your constant crunching. A Dorito is a very firm, loud chip to bite into and the company behind the chip is offering a solution to this. Doritos has revealed Doritos Silent, a new AI-powered technology that aims to filter/cancel out your crunches when playing games with a mic. This is currently only available on Windows PCs, but if you’re interested, you can click here to download it.

“The connection between Doritos fans and the gaming community is undeniable,” said Fernando Kahane, Global Marketing Head at PepsiCo. “Both boldly and unapologetically embrace their individual flavors. ‘Doritos Silent’ recognizes this bond and demonstrates the brand’s continued commitment to innovation and elevating the experience for gamers who choose Doritos.”

“Working with Doritos to create this cutting-edge technology has been an incredible journey,” said Dylan Fashbaugh, the lead developer at Smooth Technology. “We all know that gamers love Doritos, but that unmistakable crunch can often disrupt those intense gaming moments. With ‘Doritos Silent,’ we’ve worked to ensure gamers can enjoy the crunch of Doritos without disturbing their fellow players, making for a better gaming experience.”

Of course, there are other programs that also let you filter out and suppress noises beyond your voice. Things like Discord even have this as a built in feature, so you could use that and see if they’re comparable. Nevertheless, it’s a good marketing bit for Doritos to lean into and it sounds like a great deal of effort went into it. Whether or not it will take off remains to be seen.