Scientists Think 5G May Tell Aliens Where We’re At

If aliens are still waiting to find Earth, they may only have to wait a few more years before the planet indirectly reveals itself. One new study suggests that due to the advancement of wireless technology such as 5G and “beyond,” the planet’s mobile emissions could theoretically be picked up by an alien civilization looking towards the planet. The research was published in the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society and discusses the increasing amount of technology used for both mobile networks and modern satellites.

“Powerful TV transmissions are no longer a major contributor to the Earth’s leakage radiation with the rise of cable TV and the internet. In addition, mobile communication systems were unknown until the 1990s, and they currently represent a new and still growing component of the Earth’s human-generated radio emission,” study author Ramiro Saide and his team pen in the study.

The researchers continue, “As far as we know, no previous research has investigated the cumulative effect of the mobile tower emissions and the implication for eavesdropping and SETI more generally. Our study provides some insight on what we might expect if there is a human-like civilization located elsewhere in the Milky Way with similar or indeed more advanced levels of radio telescope technology.”

Because mobile networks have only been a thing for just a few decades, the researchers note the technology is in its “infancy,” with concerns “radio-leakage” can grow significantly in the coming years.

“Our study draws attention to the fact that the leakage signature of the Earth has evolved quite rapidly over relatively short time scales,” the study reads. “For the first time, our results highlight the significant leakage contributions being made via the rise of developing countries in the continent of Africa, as well as by countries such as Japan, Vietnam, China.”

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