Ted Lasso Season 3 Finally Brings Colin’s Story to Richmond

The third (and potentially final) season of Ted Lasso finally brought an LGBTQ+ story to the forefront of the series, with the reveal that Richmond player Colin Hughes is gay. Colin has been in the closet, not telling any of his teammates, but a couple of people close to him at Richmond have found out over the course of the season. First, it was Trent Crimm, who has been something of a mentor to Colin. Then, in last week’s episode, it was Colin’s good friend Isaac, who didn’t seem to have as positive of a reaction. Now, in this week’s new episode of Ted Lasso, Colin his given the opportunity to confront Isaac and the rest of the team. WARNING: This article contains spoilers from the latest episode of Ted Lasso…

For the first part of the new Ted Lasso episode, “La Locker Room Aux Folles,” Isaac gives Colin the cold shoulder. He won’t speak to him at all, even when Colin tries to start a conversation. Things between them escalate and roll over into a match, with their communication issues causing Richmond to go down a goal just before halftime. On the way into the locker room, an obnoxious fan yells a homophobic slur, setting Isaac off and causing him to fight the fan in the stands.

Isaac is ejected and the rest of the team is wondering what could’ve happened. They initially wonder if it was because Isaac is gay, but Colin takes the opportunity to come out to his teammates. Unsurprisingly, everyone in the locker room supports him and is glad he’s comfortable enough to share that with them. Even Ted jumps in with a shaky analogy that ultimately expresses that they all care about Colin.

The only part of the equation that isn’t resolved right away is Isaac. That happens near the end of the episode, when the captain shows up to Colin’s house. He explains that he was angry because Colin kept something that big from him for so long. Colin explains that he was just worried to talk to anyone about it, and that it had no effect on his friendship with Isaac. The episode unsurprisingly ends with the duo hanging out as good friends.

Colin’s coming out at halftime of the match helped him unlock another part of his game in the second half, helping Richmond come back and win the match.