Roman Reigns vs Jey Uso at WWE SummerSlam Gets a Shocking Stipulation

Jey Uso and Roman Reigns will face each other one-on-one at WWE SummerSlam, but before that happens the rules of engagement have to be sorted out. Reigns made his return to SmackDown, though earlier in the night there seemed to be some tension between Reigns and Solo Sikoa. After they finally got in the ring, it was time to sign the contract, but Jey ended up throwing everyone a curveball when he tore up the contract and revealed the match was going to be Tribal Combat. This came as a big surprise to Reigns, and now not only will he put up his Undisputed WWE Universal Championship, but he will put up the mantle of Tribal Chief as well.

Reigns started by taking some jabs at Jey, saying “What’s up little Jey, you still want to do this huh? You sure about that?” Jey then responded “Yeah I still want to do this. I’m supposed to do this. You making me do this. Cause you called the shot. Jimmy’s in the hospital, so now Roman, I got to get you.” Reigns responded “You’re not going to get me because you don’t get it. You’re just a soldier man. A pawn in this game.”

The crowd chanted Uso, and Reigns looked a little surprised. Reigns then signed the contract and put it back towards the center of the table. Jey then picked up the contract and ripped it all up. Everyone was shocked, and then Jey said they didn’t need a contract. “This right here, this is tribal combat now.” Reigns looked seriously surprised and confused, and then said “Do the elders know about this?”

Jey said, “It was their idea. Tribal Combat. That means anything goes. I light you up with a stick, I can.” Then Jey went through several more examples, including putting Reigns through the announce table and hitting him with a chair, which will all be legal in this match. Reigns told the crowd to shut their mouths and then turned his frustration towards Jey.

“Little Jey, shut your mouth. The Tribal Chief is talking now,” Reigns said. “You think this is my first rodeo? You think I haven’t run this business for over a decade now? It don’t mean nothing to me. It’s done let’s go!” Jey wasn’t moved though, saying “I said it’s Tribal Combat now.”

Reigns put his Leigh over the Title and then walked around and embraced Jey in respect, as that is likely dictated by Tribal Combat. But then Sikoa went to hit Jey with the spike, but Reigns held him back. Jey then hit Sikoa with a superkick and knocked him out of the ring, confusing Reigns a bit and causing him to back out of the ring with Sikoa and Heyman.

Now Reigns will be putting his Title on the line as well as his status as the Tribal Chief, so if Jey wins, he will become the new Tribal Chief of WWE. Reigns is not about to let that happen, so you can certainly expect Sikoa and Heyman to play some role in their SummerSlam match, especially since it will allow just about everything without a disqualification.

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