Ricky Starks Leaves CM Punk Shocked on AEW Collision After Back to Back Cheating Wins

The main event of AEW Collision featured a one of a kind Tag Team in CM Punk and Darby Allin, and they would be taking on the team of Ricky Starks and Christian Cage, though TNT Champion Luchasaurus would be standing at ringside as well. As expected, Luchasaurus would have a role to play in the match, but he didn’t have the final say on the victor. Both teams were in control at various parts of the match, and at one point Allin ran into Luchasaurus as if running into a brick wall. While Luchasaurus would interfere and attack Allin, Allin was able to counter Starks’ move. Unfortunately, Starks would grab the ropes again and get the cheating win over Allin and Punk, and it seems this story is not quite done just yet.

Right off the bat, there was dysfunction on one side, as Cage and Starks argued about who should go in first. Punk then almost rolled up Starks and then he lifted Starks for a slam, but Starks got away. Starks then tagged in Cage, and Punk flipped Cage over the ropes and proceeded to slam him face-first into three different turnbuckles. Then He hit Cage with multiple punches to the head before throwing him again.

Punk tagged in Allin, who then got Cage in position with a wrist lock and then tagged in Allin again. The lock continued and Allin tagged Punk in again so they wouldn’t have to break it. Punk had it locked in even longer, and then tagged in Allin again, who flipped Cage over and then rolled him up for a cover, but Cage kicked out. Cage tried to throw Allin but Allin reversed that into another cover. Cage escaped and finally got some offense in on Allin.

Cage put Allin in a side headlock but Punk got a tag without Cage seeing it and then knocked Cage down. Punk then did Starks’ trademark pose, and when Cage went to tag Starks in, Starks wanted no part of it. Cage got Punk grounded for a minute and then Starks wanted the tag, and he kicked Punk in the ribs.

Punk stopped short and stomped on Cage before also evading Starks and setting him up for a suplex and a cover. Starks kicked out and Punk went to tag Allin, and once Allin was in they both clotheslined Starks over the rope and to the ground. They did the same thing on the other side of the ring to Cage, and then Punk crashed into Cage and Starks. Allin followed up with a Coffin Drop.

Allin rolled Starks into the ring and then tagged in Punk, who held Starks so that Allin could attack. Allin got Starks in their corner and tagged in Punk, and a loud cho followed. Starks kicked Punk in the face and tagged in Cage, but Punk quickly knocked him to the ground and locked his leg in a submission. Back from the commercial, Cage was in control, stomping on Punk. Starks tagged in and he slammed down Punk for a cover, but Punk kicked out.

Starks hit Punk with three chops to the chest before going for a suplex but then Punk almost rolled up Starks. Starks kept Punk down and away from Allin, but Punk was able to knock Starks down and get to Allin. Allin came in and hit Starks and knocked Cage out of the ring before going for a pin on Starks, but Starks kicked out. Allin leapt through the ropes and collided with Starks, but when he went to do the same to Cage, he ran into Luchasaurus and Luchasaurus did not move an inch.

Cage then picked up Allin and threw him through the lower part of the announce desk. Starks rolled Allin into the ring and then stomped on Allin’s back. Starks threw Allin into the turnbuckle and then went for a pin, but Allin kicked out. Starks lifted Allin and threw him into the turnbuckle and then hit him with a clothesline into a cover, but Allin kicked out. Cage tagged in and taunted Allin with kicks to the face, but Allin punched Cage several times in the stomach.

Cage flipped Allin over twice and then started raking Allin’s face. Cage went for a suplex but Allin reversed into a Guiliotine and then went for the roll-up pin, but Cage kicked out. Cage then threw Allin out to the floor on the other side of the ring, keeping him away from Punk. The referee started the count out but Allin got in before 10. Starks tagged in and hit Allin with a backbreaker before posing again. Cage tagged in but ate some offense from Allin.

Cage hit Allin with a slam and then taunted the crowd before going up top. Cage went for the big move but Allin got out of the way. Both men crawled towards their partners, and then Starks ran around and tried to pull Punk’s leg off the apron. Then Allin reached for Punk’s hand but he didn’t get back in time. Cage pulled Allin away and then when the referee wasn’t looking both Cage and Starks attacked Allin.

Allin knocked Cage off the ring apron when he was thrown next, and then he went under Starks and tagged in Punk. Punk knocked down Starks and Cage with body slams and dropkicks. Punk then did a cartwheel as an homage to Bam Bam Bigelow before hitting both Starks and Cage with Knee Strikes and a Bulldog Combo. Punk clotheslined Cage and went off the pin, but Cage got his shoulder up.

Punk went up top and hit the crossbody on Cage, but Cage caught him and rolled him up for the pin. Punk kicked out and then Cage went up top again, but Punk caught him and joined him, sending Cage to the mat hard. Punk then went for the elbow and pinned Cage, but Cage kicked out once more. Starks tagged in and Punk went for the GTS, but Starks blocked it. Punk then kicked out of the cover and both stars exchanged punches to the head. Punk got a big kick to Stark’s head and then Allin tagged in and he avoided the spear. Starks got the next one though in midair, and then after the slam Starks went for the cover, but Allin kicked out.

Starks had Allin up top but Allin reversed it in midair and hit the reverse DDT into a cover, but Cage broke it up at the last minute. Punk went for the GTS but Cage raked the eyes and got him outside. Punk went off the GTS again and got it this time, hitting Cage on the outside. Then in the ring, Allin set up for a big move up top but Luchasaurus pulled his feet out from under him. Then Starks went for the cover but Allin reversed it, and then Starks reversed it but grabbed the ropes and got the win, making it two weeks in a row.

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