Rockstar Games May Be Adding Major New Feature to GTA Online Subscription Service

GTA Online‘s subscription service, GTA+, may be adding a massive new feature very, very soon. Rockstar Games is one of the most renowned video game publishers of all-time thanks to its wide array of critically acclaimed games, including some of the best-selling games ever produced. However, the studio’s output has slowed down significantly since 2013 following the success of Grand Theft Auto V and its online mode, GTA Online. Outside of remasters, Rockstar has only made one brand new game since GTA V and focused a lot of efforts on to supporting and sustaining GTA Online, even going as far as creating a subscription service knowns as GTA+.

This subscription service allows you exclusive access to certain features, free bonuses and goodies, and so much more. It’s something you can absolutely go without and won’t be hurt by, but if you’re a hardcore fan, it may be a worthy investment. With that said, it sounds like Rockstar may be preparing to make a major addition to the service that may appeal to all Rockstar fans. Fans noticed that the old mobile ports of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas received a random update this week. When fans dug into the files, they found some new unfinished UI assets, including the background image for GTA+. Other files mention Max Payne, Bully, and various other GTA games from the PS2-era of the series. Fans are speculating that this could be an old feature Rockstar surveyed fans about.

Earlier this year, a survey asked if players would like to see GTA+ offer access to old Rockstar games, almost like an Xbox Game Pass-esque feature for the developer’s library of games. Whether or not this will only be available for the mobile games remains to be seen, it’s possible the developer will port some of these older games to consoles in order to make them more accessible.

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