Sonic the Hedgehog Gets in on Grimace Birthday Shake Trend

McDonald’s has been celebrating the birthday of the Grimace this month, and participating store locations have a special Grimace Shake to celebrate. The shake has become the subject of a hilarious meme recently, with viral videos on social media depicting people suffering horrible deaths after drinking the shake. The official Sonic the Hedgehog Twitter account has now gotten in on the joke, with a Tweet today wishing Grimace a happy birthday alongside an image of Sonic dead on the floor with a purple colored drink spilled all over the floor.

The Tweet from the official Sonic the Hedgehog Twitter account can be found embedded below.

While the Sonic image is a perfect fit for the Grimace Shake meme, it’s actually not new; it comes from The Murder of Sonic the Hedgehog, a visual novel released for free on April Fools’ Day this year (the original drink was colored red). That said, the image is a perfect fit for the meme, and the Tweet has gotten a lot of positive attention on Twitter. The official McDonald’s Twitter account even replied, with Grimace thanking “mr. hedgehogg” for the birthday wishes.

The Grimace Shake meme started on TikTok, and has quickly taken over social media, with memes appearing on Instagram and Twitter, as well. In the videos, those that drink the Grimace Shake suffer a horrible fate. Sometimes, the drinker is hit by a car, or ends up face down in a creek, or just loses their mind. Some of these memes have even played off classic horror movies; there have now been multiple Grimace Shake videos that have seen the drinker ending up in a basement similar to the one in The Blair Witch Project. The whole thing probably isn’t what McDonald’s had in mind when it started the promotion, but it’s made for some really funny videos!

In addition to the Grimace Shake, McDonald’s has celebrated Grimace’s birthday with a free video game inspired by the Game Boy Color era. Readers can learn more about the Grimace’s Birthday game right here.

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