Raquel Rodriguez Earns Shot at Ronda Rousey’s WWE SmackDown Women’s Title

Ronda Rousey was set to get her next challenger on tonight’s SmackDown courtesy of a Gauntlet Match, and she most certainly did, even after trying to meddle with the match. Liv Morgan, Raquel Rodriguez, Xia Li, Tegan Nox, Sonya Deville, and Emma would all compete for the chance at that Title shot, and after an impressive first few rounds from Xia Li, it was Rodriguez who would make it to the end and defeat Deville. Unfortunately, Rousey came out and said she had to beat Shayna Baszler to actually win, but Baszler taunted the challenger and got herself rolled up and pinned by Rodriguez. Now she will challenge Rousey for the Championship next week.

Xia and Emma were in the ring first, and after some back and forth between the two competitors, Xia was able to pin Emma and move on to the next round. Next up was Nox, and though Nox would put her on her heels, Xia kept the momentum going, pinning her and moving on to the next round. That made way for Rodriguez to enter the match. Rodriguez had an arm brace on but was ready to go against Xia.

Xia and Rodriguez would trade shots for a bit, but Rodriguez’s impressive power was on display throughout, and she would ultimately take down Xia. Then Liv Morgan entered the match, and while Rodriguez would continue to showcase her strength, Morgan would adapt and meet it with speed and agility. Both stars would have their opponent on the ropes throughout their match, and after some near falls Rodriguez would lift Morgan up for a power slam only to get an enziguri to the face. She went for ObLivion but it was countered into a cover, and Rodriguez would get the pin.

Then it was time for Sonya Deville to enter the match, and Rodriguez was holding her arm. Deville went right after the previously hurt arm, but Rodriguez countered with a headbutt and a shoulder tackle. Deville kept going for the arm and elbow and knocked Rodriguez down into a cover, but she kicked out. Then Rodriguez hit the ring post and Deville grabbed her arm and slammed it against the post.

Rodriguez then slammed her shoulder into Deville several times and then slammed her sown, and then she slammed her down again after a bounce off the ropes into a cover, but Deville kicked out. Deville went up top and locked that arm into a hold, and then she did it again before arguing with the refeee, which led to Rodriguez bringing her down to the mat in a slam and getting the pin.


But then Rousey’s music hit and she grabbed a microphone, telling Raquel that she could wipe a grin off her face and revealed she had one more opponent. That would be Shayna Baszler, who then went into the ring. They started exchanging punches and Baszler went right after the arm and elbow, tearing off what remained of the brace. She then stomped on the arm and taunted Rodriguez, but Rodriguez then rolled her up for a quick win, shocking Rousey and Baszler. Now Rodriguez will face Rousey for the SmackDown Women’s Championship next week on SmackDown.

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