Predator vs Wolverine: Marvel Confirms Winner of Round 1

Marvel Comics has finally published the first issue of Predator vs Wolverine, the battle comic fans have been waiting decades for. When you take the best mutant there is at what he does and pit him against the best hunter in the galaxy…and you naturally get some bloodshed. What Predator vs Wolverine #1 reveals however is that this isn’t just one fight lasting a few issues, it’s a history of violence between the two characters and a couple of rounds between the two fighters. The first issue, hailing from writer Benjamin Percy and artists Ken Lashley, Greg Land, and Andrea Di Vito, is split across three time periods, revealing that Wolverine has an extended history with the Predator, and who won their first fight.

Most of Predator vs Wolverine #1 is set in the early 1900s, in the early days of Wolverine’s life and long before he became Weapon X and got his adamantium skeleton. In this part of the story Logan is traveling the wilderness of Alaska, working odd jobs every once in a while, befriending native tribes, and mostly living in isolation. At the same time that Wolverine is wandering about though, a Predator make their way to the same spot to do some hunting (they kill an elk, a ram, a mountain lion, and…an Orca). The Predator also goes out of his way to slaughter a tribe of Athabascans, something that Wolverine notices and naturally takes issue with. Their paths end up crossing however when Wolverine is hired to swindle some bandits, with the Predator arriving having noticed all the fun violence going on.

Who wins in Predator vs Wolverine?

In the first fight between the Predator and Wolverine, again, set in the 1900s, the Predator is clearly the winner. The Predator not only slices off Wolverine’s bone claws on one hand, but sticks him completely through the stomach with a giant spear. Wolverine makes a run for it at that point, with the Predator chasing him with a shot from his plasma canon and throwing one of his shuriken’s toward the mutant. The only reason the Predator doesn’t get another good hit on Wolverine is simple, a bear attacks him and gives him a nice scratch on the noggin. All that isn’t to say that Wolverine doesn’t get some licks in, he slices at the Predator’s mask, rendering his breathing apparatus useless and forcing the Predator to take his mask off.

The final pages of Predator vs Wolverine #1 moves to the jungles of South America, when Wolverine is on a mission with Team X (consisting of Sabretooth, Jackson, Kruel, and Maverick). Naturally since this is the same spot that the first Predator movie is located, he runs into his old pal. This time though, the Predator has brought friends, meaning Round Two is about to be even more bloody. You can check out the cover and solicitation for the next issue of Predator vs Wolverine below.

(Photo: MARVEL)

Predator vs Wolverine #2
(W) Ben Percy (A) Andrea Di Vito (CA) Marco Checchetto
And none knows it better than a Predator! After their first encounter in the Canadian wilderness, Wolverine thought he had moved on – to new fights, worse wounds and tragedies he only wants to forget. But a Yautja does not forget an enemy… At a time when Logan barely knows his own name and is running black ops side by side with Sabretooth and Maverick as “Team X,” how can he make it through round two with a Predator he doesn’t remember fighting?! Plus, the first glimpse at Weapon X!
Rated T+
In Shops: Oct 25, 2023
SRP: $5.99