Outriders Creators People Can Fly Are Working On Unannounced VR Action Game

Since releasing Outriders a few years ago, the team at People Can Fly has been busy. In June, it was revealed that the studio is working on a new project with Xbox Game Studios after splitting with Take Two. The next month, People Can Fly announced that studio head David Grijns and his team are working on a AAA game for “next-gen consoles, streaming platforms and PCs.” Now, there’s been a new job posting pop-up that suggests the team is also working on some type of virtual reality project, though details are currently slim.

The job posting was first spotted by the team at veryaligaming. They noticed several roles related to VR were posted on People Can Fly’s official website. These are all related to the company’s Katowice studio, Incuvo, and all of them are listed are “undisclosed VR IP” on the “Project” distinction. It’s also worth noting that the project seems to be in its early stages as People Can Fly’s job posting lists “Creating, pitching, and prototyping gameplay ideas for core combat” as part of the job description. Obviously, that could be a standard posting, but it certainly sounds like the game is still relatively early in production.


Regardless, it’s definitely intriguing to see People Can Fly having so many ongoing projects at once. Obviously, we don’t know the specifics of any of these games just yet, or even how far along each of them is. That said, it is safe to say that People Can Fly is going to have its hands full over the next few years as all these projects come to life. Either way, it’ll be fun to see what all People Can Fly is cooking up when all of these games are officially unveiled. Outriders certainly didn’t set the world on fire, but it was an intriguing take on the genre that was, at the very least, fun to play.

Speaking of Outriders, the game is currently available on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC platforms. At this point, the game is available on Game Pass if you’re already a subscriber, making it an easy game to hop into. Plus, the Worldslayer expansion means you’ll have plenty of content to work through if you decide to jump in.