Nintendo Switch Passes 130 Million Units Sold

The latest sales figures for Nintendo Switch have been revealed, and the console has passed a massive milestone. According to new figures released by Nintendo, the system is now sitting at 132.46 million units sold, making it the overall third best-selling video game system ever. The only two systems that have sold more units than Switch are the Nintendo DS (154.02 million units), and the PlayStation 2 (more than 155 million units). At this point, it would be highly-unlikely for Switch to surpass either of those consoles, but it will be interesting to see the system’s sales numbers after the holiday season!

Nintendo’s Next Video Game System

While Switch continues to be a money maker for Nintendo, there are plenty of reasons to think that things are starting to slow down. Rumors have suggested that a new Nintendo console will release in the second half of 2024, likely in time for the holiday season. Apparently, this new Nintendo console was shown off behind closed doors at Gamescom over the summer, though Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa recently downplayed that rumor. Given the credibility of the sources, that seems hard to believe, but it’s possible Furukawa was choosing his words carefully, in order to not sabotage holiday sales of the current system. The fact remains that Nintendo Switch has been on the market for nearly seven years at this point, and a new console next year still seems likely. Switch has had a very long lifespan for a video game console, and it’s hard to imagine Nintendo doesn’t have a new system waiting to release.

Nintendo might be avoiding any discussion of its next console at the moment, but the company has let a few official details slip over the last few months. We do know that it will retain the current Nintendo Account system, “in order to smoothly transition” customers. We also know that Nintendo is planning to have a shorter window between the console’s official announcement and its release than we saw with Nintendo Switch. If the system really does arrive in the second half of 2024, we probably won’t see it announced until early next year.

The Future of Nintendo Switch

Of course, those that just bought a Nintendo Switch or are planning to get one this holiday season shouldn’t be too worried about the system becoming out-of-date. Nintendo has already stated that it will be supporting the current system with first-party games through at least early 2025; Furukawa recently confirmed as such when speaking to the Japanese outlet Nikkei. In fact, several first party games for 2024 have been announced thus far, including Mario vs. Donkey Kong, Princess Peach: Showtime!, Luigi’s Mansion 2 HD, and a remaster of Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door.

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