NBA 2K23 Players Upset With Upcoming End Game Rewards

NBA 2K23‘s next season might be kicking off later this week, but MyTeam players are currently up in arms about the End Game reward that can be unlocked by finishing the All-Time Spotlights. This is the first time anyone can earn an End Game through gameplay (two are currently available in packs or on the market), so it represents one of the bigger jumps player’s teams can take in terms of star power. However, the reward is frustrating many NBA 2K23 players because it’s actually a choice between End Game versions of Bill Russell, Kevin Durant, and Paulo Banchero.

On the surface, that might seem like a good deal. After all, being able to unlock the best versions of a player like KD without spending any money is great for casual players. However, End Game versions of KD and Banchero are both already in the game and many players spent $50 each to get them into their current lineups. Banchero, in particular, was just made available last week, meaning some players bought him for $50 a week before everyone could get him for free.

You can see where the frustration comes in. By making these players available through gameplay, it means those players will feel like their money was poorly spent. Sure, End Game Bill Russell is only available through gameplay, but he’s unlikely to be as game-changing as KD or Banchero simply because of positioning. Some will also argue that you shouldn’t be able to pay for an in-game advantage and, while that may be true, players who paid for that advantage are somewhat understandably upset that it’s been nullified so quickly.

Regardless of where you come down on that particular debate, it is a bit strange to see 2K almost immediately make these End Games earnable. Usually, MyTeam players need to wait several weeks or even months to get a grindable card that competes with something players can buy. For example, when NBA 2K23 introduced 97 OVR Yao Ming to packs during Season 4, it was at least a month before any card could even compete. Granted, we’re much closer to the end of the current game cycle, so 2K is probably feeling a little more generous. Still, that doesn’t make this reward any less frustrating for anyone who already spent $100 to get KD and Banchero just a few days ago.