My Hero Academia Season 7 Promo Highlights Lady Nagant

My Hero Academia introduced Lady Nagant to the anime during the first phase of Final Act of Kohei Horikoshi’s original manga story, and the My Hero Academia anime is getting ready for Season 7 with a new poster of the standout foe! My Hero Academia Season 6’s final half kicked off the Final Act of the series as following the fights between the heroes and Paranormal Liberation Front, Japan had been left in ruins after escaped villains tore through the country and All For One and Tomura Shigaraki grew stronger than ever before. And Izuku Midoriya was at the center of it all with a huge target on his back.

Deku was unable to sleep and eat properly for the first phase of the Final Act as All For One sent a number of dangerous assassins against him, and it all kicked off with one that had a pretty surprising history. Lady Nagant was introduced as one of the villains who had been freed from the Tartarus prison, but the fight against Deku not only shed light on her heroic past, but teased her potential future. Now the anime is going all out for the foe’s birthday with a special poster for Lady Nagant ahead of My Hero Academia Season 7. Check it out:

Will Lady Nagant Return in My Hero Academia Season 7?

Lady Nagant ended up being a major standout as was it not only revealed that she once had the role that Hawks is filling in now for the Hero organization’s higher ups, but their missions ended up ruining her perspective of society as a whole. Fighting with Deku helped to reawaken the hero inside of her she once was even for a little while, but it unfortunately resulted in a trap that All For One had snuck into the quirk he gifted her. Which means it’s unclear whether or not we’ll see her in action next season.

But there’s plenty of time to get ready for potentially more of Lady Nagant as a release date or window has yet to be announced for My Hero Academia Season 7 as of this writing. A fourth My Hero Academia movie has been announced to be in the works as well exploring more of the time in between Seasons 6 and 7, but a release has yet to be set for it either. You can catch up with all six seasons of My Hero Academia now streaming with Crunchyroll and Hulu.

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