Jean-Claude Van Damme Says Vin Diesel Blocked Him Out of Fast & Furious Franchise

The Fast and Furious franchise has become a major part of our popular culture, enlisting an ever-growing ensemble cast to tell its wild, action-packed stories. As a new interview reveals, one of the most recognizable action stars of the past century nearly joined the Fast saga — only to be blocked by franchise star and producer Vin Diesel. In a recent interview with The Telegraph, Jean-Claude Van Damme revealed that although he has been asked to be a part of the Fast and Furious movies, Diesel reportedly nixed the idea.

“They want me in Fast and Furious,” Van Damme revealed, before indicating that Diesel said “‘No, I don’t want him.'””

What Is Fast X About?

In Fast X, Dominic Toretto must protect his crew and family from Cipher, who now joins forces with Dante Reyes, the son of drug lord Hernan Reyes, seeking revenge for his father’s death. Fast X sees the return of Vin Diesel, Michelle Rodriguez, Ludacris, Tyrese Gibson, Jordana Brewster, Nathalie Emmanuel, Charlize Theron, Helen Mirren, Sung Kang, Michael Rooker, and Scott Eastwood. New cast members also include Jason Momoa, Alan Ritchson, Daniela Melchior, Rita Moreno, Leo Abelo Perry, and Brie Larson.

“Obviously the next one is coming, and then yeah, one movie at a time. I think the one thing that Hollywood keeps reminding us is that it’s one step at a time, put one foot forward at a time,” director Louis Leterrier said in an interview earlier this year. “Let’s count our blessings. We’re very lucky this movie was well-received and well-loved, people went to see it in a movie theater and now they’re going to see it at home. It’s one at a time. I mean maybe what he was saying is that there’s 25 years of filmmaking and storytelling, three acts, two hours and two movies, between the last one and this one, might not be enough to tell the story that is needed, and that’s what we’re figuring out these days.”

Will Fast X Get a Sequel?

It was previously announced that the franchise’s conclusion would be split into three films, with Leterrier returning, and Birds of Prey‘s Christina Hodson and Mortal Kombat‘s Oren Uziel penning the script for the next installment. The eleventh Fast film, which is tentatively titled Fast X Part 2, will be released in theaters on April 4, 2025. Interestingly, this new release date places Fast X Part 2 on the same day as the Minecraft movie, which is also set to star Momoa.

“April 4th 2025… is less than 22 months away,” Diesel wrote on Instagram while announcing the news. “I love how expressive and collaborative all of the actors in our franchise feel coming into the World’s Saga. Jason wanted to try something totally unique and special and ended up creating a scene stealing character that the world won’t forget. Thank you all for showing up like you always do…. 7 billion means nothing if it doesn’t represent the true feeling of family and loyalty. For those who didn’t know the FastX was just part one, know that part two is going to be an effort from our fast family and studio like you have never seen. All love…”

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