Liv Morgan and Raquel Rodriguez Pull a Fast One to Help Retain WWE Women’s Tag Titles on SmackDown

Liv Morgan and Raquel Rodriguez have already heard Sonya Deville and Chelsea Green talk endlessly, but during tonight’s SmackDown Morgan and Rodriguez were ready to bring their talk to a halt and throw down in the ring for the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships. Green and Deville taunted the Champs and even threw some water in Morgan’s face, and that led to Morgan starting the match off in a fury. Green and Deville would work together quite well, though that didn’t keep them from continuously trying to get the win by cheating. They were caught every time, and karma was a factor as when Morgan was able to pin Green Rodriguez gave her a helping hand without the referee seeing, and the Champs got the big win.

Morgan hit Green in the face with a dropkick right away, and then Deville tagged in and got rolled up by Morgan, though she countered. Morgan knocked her back and tagged in Rodriguez, who exchanged tags and charged at Deville in the corner. Rodriguez lifted Deville before Deville hit the back of the Champ’s knee. Green tagged in but was then lifted and thrown around by Rodriguez.

Rodriguez threw Green around again but when she tagged in Morgan Green caught Rodriguez and knocked her outside. She went to dive through the ropes but Rodriguez caught her only to have Deville jump from the ring apron and hit Deville with a knee. Then Morgan jumped over the ropes and collided with both Green and Deville.

Morgan rolled Green in and went for the cover, but Green kicked out. Morgan went to hit Green but she got away and then brought Morgan down with a big suplex, but she was caught using the bottom rope with the pin and the referee reprimanded her. Deville and Green lifted Morgan up for a long vertical suplex and slammed her down, and Deville tagged in. Deville slammed Morgan into their corner, and while Deville had the referee distracted Green got some cheap shots in on Morgan.

The referee caught Green trying to use the bottom rope again, and then Morgan reversed Green and Deville’s hold into a double neck breaker. Rodriguez tagged in and hit Deville first and then clotheslined Green. She hit a springboard corkscrew elbow and went for the cover, but Deville broke it up. Rodriguez lifted her onto the turnbuckle and then Rodriguez hit her with a superplex. Morgan then got up top and hit a missile dropkick on Green.

Morgan hit a backstabber but was knocked down by Deville, and then Rodriguez hit her but was knocked to the outside. Morgan hit Green with the water from her water bottle and then went for the pin, and Rodriguez pushed Morgan with her feet to help keep Green down and get the win. Green and Deville were stunned, and we imagine they’ll have something to say about the win. Morgan and Rodriguez retain their WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships.

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