Catwoman Gets a New Costume

In the decades since her DC Comics debut, Catwoman has donned a pretty wide crop of costumes. Whether she’s clad in purple, grey, black, or some combination of the three, Catwoman’s catsuit has become iconic — and her newest comic appearance puts that ethos to the test. Spoilers for Catwoman #54 from Tini Howard, Nico Leon, Veronica Gandini, and Lucas Gattoni below! Only look if you want to know! The issue further complicates Selina’s time behind bars, after the conflict she previously had with Punchline and the Royal Flush Gang literally infiltrates the prison. Over the course of the issue, Selina is shown ducking in and out of the air ducts of the prison, sewing something in her cell, and also trying to form a stronger alliance with one of her fellow prisoners, Marquise.

When things start to escalate, Selina reveals to Marquise that she is secretly Catwoman, complete with a makeshift version of her costume made out of prison scrubs and other DIY elements. Once Punchline advances, Selina debuts the costume, and manages to escape the prison.

(Photo: DC)

Is Selina Kyle getting replaced as Catwoman?

In recent issues of Catwoman, Selina’s former successor and former lover Eiko Hasigawa has taken up the titular mantle more significantly. While Selina had already sanctioned Eiko to operate as Catwoman whenever she needed to leave Gotham City, this arrest now adds another layer to the idea of her fighting in Selina’s absence.

“I wouldn’t say it’s healthy, but I wouldn’t say potato chips and champagne are healthy, either,” Howard said of Selina and Eiko’s dynamic earlier in the run in an interview with DC. “Doesn’t stop me from craving them! Selina and Eiko’s relationship was left very much unresolved, so what remains is tense and thrumming and alive with layers of power, tension, and a will they or won’t they energy that’s as much about joining forces as it is about hooking up. I think she’s an incredible character. I’m grateful to bring her in.’

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Catwoman #54 is now available wherever comics are sold.