Disney Reveals Haunted Mansion Bar Coming to New Cruise Ship

After making another leap onto the big screen this year, one of Disney’s most iconic — and most chilling — attractions is heading to the high seas. Disney Cruise Lines has a new ship, the Disney Treasure, setting sail at the end of 2024. On that ship will be the first-ever Haunted Mansion-themed bar, the Haunted Mansion Parlor.

This bar will be a part of the Disney Treasure from the time it sets sail in December 2024, immersing guests in the beloved decor and spooky vibes of The Haunted Mansion. There’s obviously some new Haunted Mansion lore that comes with the bar, as well as themed cocktails and exclusive merchandise.

“From inspired craft cocktails and an exclusive onboard merchandise collection to nostalgic decor and beloved characters, the Haunted Mansion Parlor will immerse guests in the next chapter of the Haunted Mansion saga, bringing this fan-favorite lore to life in a whole new way,” reads the description of the bar on the official Disney Parks blog. “The one-of-a-kind experience will be a singing wake unlike any other, that of a jovial captain who entered the ghostly realm after a disastrous dinner with his beloved fiancee.”

All of the chairs, tables, rugs, and wallpapers seen throughout the bar are inspired by the decor of the Haunted Mansion, offering a creepy and old school feel that matches the classic Disneyland and Walt Disney World attractions. The design is meant to resemble a drawing room of a classic cruise liner from the golden age. A portrait gallery will contain images of both classic and new Haunted Mansion characters, and the mirror behind the bar shows off a handful of ghosts, much like the mirrors at the end of the ride.

As for the new merchandise, guests will be able to purchase a music box specifically from the Haunted Mansion Parlor, a tabletop clock inspired by the grandfather clock in the original ride, and a mirror that shows you hitchhiking ghosts. The new drinks include the Sympathetic Libations, the Ghoulish Delight, and a “Signature Beverage” that will be the Parlor’s spin on a margarita.

In addition to the Haunted Mansion Parlor, the Disney Treasure Ship will also include the Skipper Society, a lounge inspired by Jungle Cruise, and the Periscope Pub, which is modeled after the 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea attraction.

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