James Gunn’s DC Studios Met With Ben Affleck About Directing A Movie

Ben Affleck’s time with the DC Universe is far from over. While the Dogma superstar is at least temporarily done playing the Caped Crusader, new DC Studios boss James Gunn has said they’ve met about potential projects–only this time around, Affleck will be behind the camera. Wednesday, Gunn shook the DCU up in a massive way in a thread of tweets confirming recent DC Studios developments, including the studio’s decision to depart from Henry Cavill as the franchise’s version of Superman. In that thread, Gunn mentioned he and DC Studios co-chairman Peter Safran recently met with Affleck because of his desire to direct a DC project.

“Met with Ben yesterday precisely because he wants to direct & we want him to direct; we just have to find the right project,” Gunn tweeted in response to a fan.

At one point, Affleck was set to star in and direct a solo Batman flick pitting the Caped Crusader against Deathstroke.

“Directing Batman is a good example,” Affleck said of the project earlier this year. “I looked at it and thought, ‘I’m not going to be happy doing this. The person who does this should love it.’ You’re supposed to always want these things, and I probably would have loved doing it at 32 or something. But it was the point where I started to realize it’s not worth it. It’s just a wonderful benefit of reorienting and recalibrating your priorities that once it started being more about the experience, I felt more at ease.”

In a separate interview, the actor confirmed he returned to the role for a brief spot in the studio’s upcoming Flash movie.


“I have never said this — this is hot off the presses — but maybe my favorite scenes in terms of Batman and the interpretation of Batman that I have done, were in the Flash movie,” Affleck recently told The Herald Sun. “I hope they maintain the integrity of what we did because I thought it was great and really interesting — different, but not in a way that is incongruent with the character. Who knows? Maybe they will decide that it doesn’t work, but when I went and did it, it was really fun and really, really satisfying and encouraging and I thought, ‘Wow — I think I have finally figured it out.'”