Hogwarts Legacy Sequels Seemingly Confirmed

Hogwarts Legacy will seemingly be getting more entries in the future. Despite being at the center of multiple controversies, Hogwarts Legacy has seen a ton of meteoric success. In the days leading up to its worldwide release, it was showered with praise from critics who admired the game’s wish fulfillment and success of creating a rich RPG set in the Harry Potter universe. Within hours of release, it shattered Twitch viewership records for a single-player game and has been prominently featured across social media since launch. Naturally, with such immense success, it seems likely that the team behind it would move to try and sustain that momentum with sequels or DLC.

While it has been confirmed there are no plans for Hogwarts Legacy DLC, it does sound like we can count on some sequels or other entries in the franchise. When speaking to Variety about the success the game has had, it was noted that Warner Brothers sees Hogwarts Legacy as a “long-term franchise”. Warner Bros. Games president David Haddad also revealed to Variety on February 16th some interesting stats about the game that shows just how much time and energy has been invested into the game since it was released. At that time, over 152 million hours had been played by players, but that number has grown to 267 million hours as of February 21st. Given it took at least five years for Hogwarts Legacy to be made, it’s likely we’ll be waiting a while for a sequel.

However, the team at Avalanche Software has created a strong foundation for the sequel. A giant map has been made and it seems likely that would be expanded upon rather than thrown away for an entirely new environment, the spells and combat has been made and received well, and so on. Players have asked for things like Quidditch to be added in a sequel, so it would probably be more about expanding on what people loved about Hogwarts Legacy rather than starting over from scratch.


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