Gunther Defeats Madcap Moss to Retain WWE Intercontinental Title on SmackDown

Madcap Moss won the chance to take on Gunther for the WWE Intercontinental Championship on last week’s SmackDown, and tonight it was time to put Moss’ momentum to the test. Moss was the aggressor right from the start, and his speed and ability to shrug off Gunther’s big moves early put the Champion on his heels. Gunther attempted to end the match with a sleeper hold several times, but Moss always got away, and at several points, it looked like Gunther might have his Title reign cut short. Moss couldn’t quite overcome the Ring General though, as Gunther was able to pin him for the win and retain his Intercontinental Championship.

Moss went for Gunther’s legs to knock him off balance but Gunther pushed back and hit Moss with some chops in the corner. Moss then went right back at Gunther, and this time it worked, knocking the Champion down on the mat and hitting with some punches. Gunther was finally able to lock Moss down for a just a minute or two, and then they exchanged strikes before Gunther hit Moss with a big boot to the face.

He went for a cover but the challenger kicked out. Gunther went for another hold but Moss picked him up and managed to get away. Moss speared Gunther in the corner and then did it again, though he was swatted down on the third attempt. Moss caught Gunther and hit the Champ with a spinster, though Gunther kicked out of the cover. Moss then kept the attack up with a shoulder tackle, which sent Gunther out of the ring to the floor.

In the ring, Moss got away from Gunther but ended up in a sleeper hold, though not for long, as Moss lifted the Champion and slammed him down. Moss then hit a monster clothesline and knocked Gunther down again to the mat. Gunther would come back but Moss would steal the momentum again, hitting two huge moves on the Champion, throwing him off his feet.

Another spear in the corner followed, and Gunther tried another sleeper hold but Moss pushed him away again. Gunther hit a painful chop on Moss’ chest and then went up top. Moss was up on his feet though and he met him with punches to the head. Another chop sent Moss down to the mat, but Moss met him again, and then hit a fallaway slam into a cover, but Gunther kicked out.


Unfortunately, Gunther was able to turn the tables and slam Moss down to the mat. Despite coming back from everything else the Champ could throw at him, he couldn’t get out of the cover in time, and Gunther retained his Intercontinental Championship.

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