Pandemic Designer Announces Next Game in Forbidden Series

The creator of Pandemic has made another installment of his other award-winning tabletop game series. Gamewright has announced Forbidden Jungle, the latest “Forbidden” game by Pandemic creator Matt Leacock. Like Forbidden Jungle, Forbidden Desert, or Forbidden Sky, this is a cooperative game in which players work together to survive a jungle planet and find an elusive escape portal. Players will have to fend off both venomous creatures and a chain of collapsing locations while trying to shift tiles to power up the portal and escape. No other details about Forbidden Jungle are currently available, but the game is set to be released later this year.

Previous “Forbidden” games have typically followed a theme of dealing with a collapsing board of some kind while trying to complete several objectives. Each player has a unique ability that helps them throughout the game, although each player often has a limited amount of health to deal with dangers that befall them. As a true co-op game, the Forbidden games only end in total victory or total defeat – the players have to work together if they want to win.

Leacock has produced a series of beloved and award-winning games over the past fifteen years. Pandemic, Roll Through the Ages and Forbidden Jungle were all nominated for the prestigious Spiel des Jahres award, while Forbidden Desert and Forbidden Jungle won the Mensa Select award. Leacock is also releasing Daybreak, which seeks to show the effects of climate action on our planet.


Expect to hear more about Forbidden Jungle in the coming months, as the game is expected to be released this year.