GTA 6 Will Reportedly Have Single Player DLC

Grand Theft Auto VI may have one of the few things GTA V was missing: single player DLC. Grand Theft Auto 6 is one of the most anticipated games of all-time, if not just outright the most anticipated. As of right now, we have no idea of when the game will be properly revealed, but fans are hopeful it will happen in the next few weeks ahead of the next earnings call for Take-Two Interactive (parent company of Rockstar Games). The company previously stated it is projecting an absurdly big jump in revenue between spring 2024 and early 2025, which would really only be attainable if GTA 6 released during that time. The company won’t entertain the speculation, but has stated it plans to release major titles during this time and has been working on games to release during this window for a while.

With that said, we can only enjoy the rumor mill until Rockstar Games is willing to share more. One of the more reliable GTA insiders, Tez2, took to the GTAForums earlier this week and shared that Rockstar is already planning expansions for GTA 6. As fans likely already know, GTA 5 had story DLC planned, but it was unceremoniously scrapped due to the success of GTA Online. It sounds like history won’t repeat itself this time, as Rockstar probably knows what to expect in terms of anticipation now.

“Rockstar had episodic content, aka SP DLC, planned for V way before release,” said the insider. “Plans changed around mid to late 2014. You may have heard of the three episodes they were planning, but there was more too. The point is Rockstar was going with the same plan they had for IV. GTAO booming was unexpected. Now, for VI, it’s different. It won’t be unexpected. And from what we’ve heard and what Jason Schreier said, Rockstar is already going with the same plan before. Episodic content with new map updates and expansions. Which would help reduce crunch. So I think we are gonna see SP updates as frequent as online updates. And the first major DLC within a year or two from launch.”

It is believed GTA 6 scaled back on its scope at some point during development to help developers avoid crunch and deliver the game sooner, but that scrapped content won’t be left on the cutting room floor. It’s possible we will see new locations and cities, which may also help fans not feel fatigued with GTA 6 as GTA 7 will likely release well over a decade later.