Gotham Knights: Misha Collins Teases More Interaction Between Harvey Dent and SPOILER (Exclusive)

Gotham Knights has taken its viewers on a fascinating journey this season with each of its characters, but one of the most complex and interesting journeys thus far has belonged to Harvey Dent. Played by Misha Collins, viewers have watched Gotham’s DA begin to somewhat unravel over the course of the season to date as he mysteriously loses time and, in the previous episode “Belly of the Beast”, woke up with literal blood on his hands. This week’s episode, “Dark Knight of the Soul” revealed who that blood belonged to as well as saw Harvey interact with a very unexpected character — and according to Collins, we will see more of that as the season continues.

Warning: spoilers for this week’s episode of Gotham Knights, “Dark Knight of the Soul” beyond this point.

This week’s episode saw Harvey discover that not only was Cressida Clarke murdered, but that blood that was on his ominous Court of Owls mask was hers. As the episode continued, Harvey ends up making a video trying to explain that he is himself not a killer but discovers that his other self, this Dark Harvey (or Fugue Harvey as he’s referred to in the Gotham Knights script) has also left him a video, bringing the two versions into contact for the first time. Collins told‘s Nicole Drum that this isn’t the last time we’ll see the two Harvey’s interact — and fans will also see Harvey get to a place where he has some trust in his other self.

“We will get to see more of an interaction between Harvey and Dark Harvey, as you call him. And I think through that, he won’t come to like or condone Dark Harvey, but he will come to believe him.,” Collins said. “And I think that’s important. He ends up getting to the point where he’s like, “Yeah, this guy may not be good, but at least I believe him.”

Collins also went on to say that it was nice for him as a performer to dig into the character and he even teased that when we finally get to a darker embodiment of the character, don’t expect a cartoonish version. This one is more grounded and someone you still want to root for.

“It was nice to get to spend the time with the character, to be able to personally get to get invested in him and start to feel like I knew who Harvey was, and I liked him, and I wanted to be a champ. I wanted him to… I still want him to prevail,” Collins said. “I’m kind of personally invested in Harvey succeeding, and at the same time, in order to get there and in order to understand my character, I have to frankly confront his demons. We all have our demons. His are really a bit more bold and a bit more potentially troublesome for him.”

He continued, “He doesn’t have that cartoonish moniker to him. And he’s still just a broken version of Harvey, and so I think that, like you’re talking about different versions in the past that we’ve seen of Harvey Dent and Two-Face, I think it ends up being a much more grounded version where we actually understand how he got there, and all of the ingredients that went into that psychic break. And we’re still, weirdly, even when he is this disfigured and arguably somewhat sinister evil character, we’re still kind of rooting for him at the same time, which is a weird position to put the audience in.”

Gotham Knights airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on The CW.