Destiny 2: The Final Shape Expansion Teased, Nathan Fillion Returning

Bungie popped up at today’s PlayStation Showcase with a first look at its upcoming extraction shooter Marathon, but that wasn’t the only trailer the developer dropped today. Destiny 2 fans got a treat of their own in the form of a trailer for a showcase that’s kicking off on August 22. This showcase will give us a look at The Final Shape, the next expansion for the shooter, but this teaser had an even bigger surprise. Nathan Fillion is officially back as Cayde-6 for this expansion, exciting Destiny fans worldwide.

Bungie is calling The Final Shape the “epic conclusion” to the Light & Darkness Saga. Outside of that and the Cayde-6 reveal, there wasn’t much to see, which makes sense considering this is a teaser for an event that’s happening in roughly three months. We can expect to see Bungie diving deep into The Final Shape then, hopefully giving more hints about exactly how Cayde-6 will be involved in the ongoing story.

Currently, Destiny 2 players are in the midst of the Lightfall expansion. That DLC dropped back in February and added new campaign missions, a new element that gives players several new movement abilities, and opened up Nepture for exploration. While Lightfall players took issue with the campaign feeling a bit slight on storytelling, The Final Shape might go a long way toward rectifying that. After all, you probably don’t bring someone like Nathon Fillion back if you don’t have something important for him to do. With Bungie calling it a conclusion to that storyline, we would expect players to get some very meaty story beats, in addition to a ton of loot.

Either way, having Fillion and Cayde-6 back is massive for Destiny 2 fans. He’s a fan-favorite character who was seemingly killed off during the Forsaken expansion. Somehow, he’s coming back to seemingly join up with players to take on whatever’s coming with The Final Shape. We’ll get more answers about exactly what that looks like and what else Destiny 2 is going to bring when The Final Shape Showcase starts up on August 22.