Twitch Streamers Getting Nude in Controversial New Trend

Twitch streamers are causing a lot of controversy with a new “meta” that sees them creating a loophole that allows them to be nude on camera. Twitch is one of the biggest platforms on the internet and it has spawned a new aspiration in a ton of people to become a full time content creator. This is a pretty difficult thing to pull off given how many other creators there are, it’s easy to get lost in the crowd and it’s difficult to standout. Even if you’re really entertaining, you still need viewers to come give you a chance and subsequently follow you/support you with subscriptions and donations. So, a lot of people have been sticking to “metas” to try and get a boost. This has ranged from watching movies/TV shows on stream to streaming in hot tubs and now… getting naked.

For several years, Twitch has been under fire for letting provocative content run rampant on its platform with some arguing that there are other places for this kind of content. Twitch, however, has largely let it go on. Even recently, Twitch made a rule to allow “artistic nudity”, strip teasing, pole dancing, and more content. As you might have expected, the lines got quickly blurred and it got pretty pornographic very quickly. Twitch rolled this rule back fairly quickly, but now some streamers are trying to find a way to push the line as far as possible. So now, some streamers are getting fully nude and putting censor bars over their breasts and other body parts to stay within the rules while still being provocative. Other streamers are not even using censor bars and are just framing the camera to just barely obscure the more sensitive parts. Some of these streamers are even putting usernames and text on top of the censor bars to reward donors. It’s pretty racy and has caused even more uproar. Some of these streamers are not actually totally naked and have pasties or strapless bras on, likely to avoid any kind of mishap if the censor bar disappeared or they moved too far out of frame.


Content creator Jake Lucky has been outspoken on the matter stating that Twitch should start banning people for more than 24 hours or this will continue to get out of hand. Twitch is fairly generous when it comes to punishing users, meaning they can make a ton of money or gain lots of followers and the only punishment will be not being able to stream for a couple of days at most. Therefore, there’s nothing really stopping these people from continuing in this behavior as they aren’t losing much.

Whether or not Twitch will do anything about it remains to be seen. It seems like something that will continue for a while and maybe if it gets too absurd, Twitch will step in, but for now, the platform has yet to make any kind of notable comment on the matter.