Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Developers Explain the Box Art’s Significance

When Final Fantasy VII Remake released back in 2020, the box art offered a simple design meant to evoke the original PlayStation game. The cover art for Final Fantasy VII Rebirth offers a completely new piece of art, featuring Sephiroth in the middle, flanked by Cloud Strife on one side and Zack Fair on the other. The sky behind Sephiroth is a foreboding red and yellow, and its reflection can be seen spreading forward. It’s a striking image, and it seems it’s meant to foreshadow the events of the game itself. In a pair of Tweets, Square Enix offered some insight into the image’s meaning.

“Created by Creative Director, Tetsuya Nomura, this artwork represents the three worlds that form the axis of the story in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. Sephiroth is in the center, as he represents the instigator of the events of the past,” Square Enix wrote on Twitter. Cloud and Zack are on the side as they represent their destinies being torn apart by Sephiroth. The image of blood, fire, and red that evokes Sephiroth, stains the sky and spreads over the world. The subtle red shade in the logo is also inspired by the same imagery.”

(Photo: Square Enix)

The Destiny of Zack Fair

One of the most interesting things about Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is the fact that Sephiroth is trying to alter destiny. While it’s unclear how successful he might be, Final Fantasy VII Remake ended with a scene showing Zack still alive. The character died prior to the events of Final Fantasy VII, and previously only appeared in flashbacks in the original game. This means Sephiroth’s plan to alter destiny has already had some impact. The trailers for Final Fantasy VII Rebirth have shown an increased role for Zack, and his presence on the game’s cover suggests that as well.

Of course, the question of destiny has already led to a lot of speculation about the fate of Aerith, as well. Zack and Aerith had a romantic connection in Crisis Core, but Zack died at the game’s conclusion. As a result, Zack wasn’t alive to see Aerith die at Sephiroth’s hands in the original Final Fantasy VII, but his presence in Rebirth could have a dramatic impact on those events. It’s possible Zack could sacrifice himself to save Aerith, or that his presence alone might be enough to stop Sephiroth and change her destiny.

Whatever happens to Aerith, fans will likely know by the end of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. The middle chapter of the Final Fantasy VII remake trilogy will end in The Forgotten Capital, the location with Aerith died in the original game.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Release Date

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth will release February 29, 2024 on PlayStation 5. Like Final Fantasy VII Remake, the game will be a timed exclusive on PlayStation.

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