Eric Andre Returned to Adult Swim After Making No Money From Bad Trip Movie

Fans were surprised when a season 6 of The Eric Andre Show was confirmed by Adult Swim, in part because the fifth season seemed to really be the last. The extended break between new episodes also seemed like a clue that the show might be over, but then something else happened with Andre, his original movie went to Netflix. Amid the initial COVID-19 pandemic, the Eric Andre-starring movie Bad Trip went from a theatrical movie that was going to be released by MGM to a streaming original that arrived on Netflix with minimal fanfare. After he “didn’t make any money” on that movie, Andre returned to his roots.

The comedian confirmed this in an interview with The Associated Press for the new season of his show. “I was going to end the show after five seasons and then I didn’t make any money on ‘Bad Trip,’” Andre told the outlet. “Why permanently close the door on a show where I have full creative freedom? It’s not even my corporate overlords. It’s superstition. So, I’ll tell you when the time is right.”

Andre went into more detail about what happened with his movie Bad Trip in an interview with Howard Stern, adding: “Financially? Nothing,” Andre said of his payday for Bad Trip. “”MGM was secretly trying to sell it to Quibi, behind our backs… Then they got caught. They kept telling us Netflix didn’t want it…They sent it to the wrong person at Netflix, which is insane, then Dave (Burnett, producer) sent it to the right person at Netflix….and it was the #1 movie in the world and I made zero dollars. I made the minimum SAG-AFTRA indie scale. The movie took seven-and-a-half years to make, and I netted like $17,000. For like a decade of work.”

Adult Swim’s official description of the new season of The Eric Andre Show reads: “Invoking the tantric swag of sex god EROS, season six is guaranteed to be the most high-octane, stone cold, no holds barred, mind-blowing, emotionally mature late night show in the history of mankind. Eric is back behind the desk like never before; ripped, shredded, full of energy, complete with beads of sweat dripping down from his taut nips onto his glistening six pack abs. Watch pampered celebrities regret their choices, rappers get the runaround, and a slate of street pranks so egregious they collectively inspired a record 30 phone calls to 911. Co-hosts include Felipe Esparza, Reese W, Krft Punk, and the mysterious (but soon-to-be iconic) FRIDGE KEEPER.”

The Eric Andre Show will return on Sunday, June 4 at Midnight ET/PT on Adult Swim, marking about a two and a half year gap between season five and the new episodes.