CM Punk Finally Defeats Samoa Joe on AEW Collision, Advances to Owen Hart Cup Finals

CM Punk and Samoa Joe have a history that dates back two decades, so when Punk and Joe ended up advancing to the Owen Hart Cup semifinals, you knew it was going to be something special. In all their time facing each other, Punk’s never been able to defeat Joe one on one, and tonight’s match on AEW Collision was a chance for Punk to finally get that evasive win. Throughout the match, Punk utilized his speed to stay out of range from Joe’s vicious chops, while Joe looked to inflict punishment every time he could get ahold of Punk. It looked as if Joe would get the win when he looked to lock in the submission on Punk, but Punk was able to reverse it into a pin, and Joe couldn’t kick out in time, giving Punk his long-awaited win over Joe.

Joe and Punk both looked confident, and Joe went for a big kick that went over Punk’s head. They locked up and Joe pushed Punk into the corner, but he missed a chop on Punk. Punk got one in and then they circled each other a bit. Locking up again, Punk got a hold of Joe’s wrist and hit a chop, and then dodged another chop by Joe. Locking up once more, Joe then charged roared and Punk was in some pain at the pressure Joe was putting on his wrists, but Punk got another big chop in on Joe.

Joe pushed Punk back to the ropes and went for another strike but Punk dodged it again, going for a headlock. Punk charged with his shoulder into Joe’s chest twice and then hit a chop as he kept control of Joe’s wrist. Joe went for another chop and Punk dodged again, countering with strikes and chops of his own. Punk hit a big boot and then went for a crossbody, but Joe pulled his trademark walk-away move and Punk hit the mat hard.

Joe then finally connected with some chops, and then hit another one coming off the ropes. Joe followed with a kick to the chest and a kick to the side of Punk. Then Joe hit punches to Punk’s head, knocking him to the mat in the corner. Punk went back on the offensive but Joe was able to stomp it out and put a boot on Punk’s face. Punk knocked Joe back but then Joe chopped Punk off the top turnbuckle to the floor.

Joe kept punching Punk and hitting hard chops on him on the floor and then chased him into the corner to connect with a boot to the face. Punk looked out of it in a chair as the count started. Punk then came back with some offense, knocking Joe into that same corner and hitting with chops and punches. Punk clotheslined Joe off the ring apron, knocking Joe to the floor. Back in the ring, Punk absorbed more chops from Joe but then knocked him back with a dropkick. Punk charged at Joe and slammed into him in the corner, but then Joe locked in a submission.

Punk lifted Joe up and slammed him down, breaking the hold. They exchanged chops and strikes, but Punk kicked Joe in the head and then followed it up with two knee strikes. Punk went for another and connected, and then clotheslined Joe, knocking him to the mat. Punk went up top and hit the elbow drop into a cover, but Joe kicked out.

Punk signaled for the GTS and picked up Joe, but Joe got away and then locked in the crossface. Punk was able to break it by getting to the bottom rope, Joe lifted Punk for a powerbomb but Punk reversed it. Joe reversed that and then caught Punk for the snap powerslam into a cover, but Punk kicked out.

Punk caught Joe with a huge kick to the head and went for the cover, but Joe kicked out. Joe joined punk up top but was beaten back down by Punk. Punk then went for a move but was shoved off by Joe, and Punk hit a neckbreaker. Punk tried to lift Joe for a GTS but Joe went for another submission, only to get countered by Punk into a cover, and that would be enough to get the three count and the win. Punk has finally beaten Samoa Joe.

After the match, the crowd chanted for Owen Hart, and Joe extended his hand. Punk shook it but then Joe locked Punk in a hold until he briefly passed out, yelling that he will always be better than Punk. Joe let go finally and walked out of the ring before grabbing a chair. FTR ran down for the save, who looked beaten up from the match earlier in the night. Ricky Starks then came down and looked on at the ring at his future opponent, as Punk will face Starks in the Owen Hart Cup finals.

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