Call of Duty: How to Unlock Every Spawn Skin

Call of Duty season 6 is finally here and Spawn is absolutely dominating the lineup of new operators/skins. Call of Duty is one of the biggest games out there and it has continued to grow even bigger by utilizing crossovers with big IP. To date, we’ve seen the likes of Rambo, Scream, The Terminator, King Kong, Godzilla, and many, many more crossover with Call of Duty. The franchise has even begun to include real figures such as 21 Savage, Kevin Durant, and Nicki Minaj. Call of Duty is now expanding by including its first licensed character in a battle pass. Spawn, a comic book character created by Todd McFarlane has joined the game and is included in the game’s battle pass.

Most of the time, skins like these are part of some big premium bundle that sets the player back a lot of cash. However, these are included in the battle pass. While there are other premium bundles this season, Spawn will be earnable through the regular battle pass. It’s also worth noting that there are a ton of Spawn-related skins. By purchasing the battle pass, you’ll immediately get the Al Simmons skin which is Spawn’s alter ego and from there you can begin unlocking skins for Spawn that range from his villains or variants of himself. If you reach tier 100, AKA maxing out the battle pass, you’ll get Spawn’s full comic book form.

Unlike some of the other games that feature battle passes, Call of Duty has a non-linear battle pass. You essentially have a big board of areas you can check off and you can navigate through it to prioritize the things you want. So, if you want a specific skin, you can get it with relative ease. It’s also worth noting that Spawn and the various skins will carry over to Modern Warfare 3 if you unlock them in Modern Warfare 2 or Warzone. You can see the rest of the character’s skins and where to unlock them in the battle pass below.

How to Unlock Every Spawn Skin in Call of Duty

  • “Creepy Clown” – Fender (Sector F2, HVT)
  • “Soul Crusher” – Mila (Sector F6, HVT)
  • “Mil-Spawn” – Spawn (Sector F8, HVT)
  • “Gaia” – (Sector F11, HVT)
  • “Disruptor” – Horangi (Sector F12, HVT)
  • “Burned Spawn” – Spawn (Sector F15, HVT)
  • “Nikto Spawn” – Nikto (Sector F17, HVT)
  • “Violator” – K?nig(Sector F19, HVT)