Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul Producer Responds to Hilarious Mario Kart Meme

One of the producers of Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul has responded to some of the immense creativity when it comes to memes of the show. Despite both Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul being exceptionally heavy and dark shows, particularly in their final seasons. However, fans have found a way to make light of the shows, which are admittedly quite on their own merrit, but intentionally so. The memes have taken things… in a very unique direction. Some of it is completely incoherent, some of it is juvenile, and some of it is just really creative. Some of the more creative fans have gotten a kick out of putting Walter White and his colleagues in other shows, movies, and even games.

One fan put Walter White and Jesse Pinkman against each other in a Mario Kart race earlier this year and now, that has been expanded upon. A recent video from YouTuber madroz puts Hank Schrader, Walter White, Mike Ehrmantraut, Saul Goodman, and Jesse Pinkman up against each other in yet another Mario Kart race. As you might expect, it’s just as absurd as one can imagine and perfectly splices together clips from the two shows. One can only imagine how much time and effort it takes to put something like this together and it even made its way to one of the key people behind the Breaking Bad universe. Producers and director Peter Gould noted that he thought the meme was “amazing” after seeing it on Twitter, putting his stamp of approval on the video.

It’s not much, but it is pretty great to see someone responsible for creating these absurdly grim worlds to commend one of the absurd memes. Earlier this year, another video was released and imagined what a Better Call Saul fighting game would be. It was complete with catchphrases, signature moves, and more. The video shows Saul going up against his brother, Chuck, and duking it out in the desert.


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