House of the Dragon Just Set Up Major Conflict Between Rhaenyra and Daemon for Season 2

WARNING: This article contains spoilers from the House of the Dragon Season 1 finale… The first season of House of the Dragon has officially come to an end, which means all eyes are now focused squarely on the second installment of HBO’s Game of Thrones prequel. While the first season focused on the growing rivalry between Rhaenyra and Alicent, it appears as though another personal conflict it going to be a focal point of Season 2. They may fight on the same side, but Rhaenyra and Daemon have a lot of differences to work through.

When Rhaenyra is informed of Aegon’s coronation as King, Daemon’s instinct it to leap immediately into war. Rhaenyra doesn’t feel the same way, instead choosing a more methodical approach to try and keep peace throughout Westeros, as her father would have. This has caused a major rift between the married couple, creating a major storyline for Season 2.

Rhaenyra vs. Daemon?

In the behind-the-scenes featurette that aired after the new episode, the creative team of House of the Dragon‘s finale broke down the growing conflict between Queen Rhaenyra and her husband.

“Really, once war is coming, you see Daemon preparing for war,” director Greg Yaitanes said during the featurette. “And this is really where the domestic split in [episode] 10 is, is that Daemon wants war and Rhaenyra wants to hold the realm together, whatever the cost. That was what she was charged with. That power struggle is alive and well, all inside of a marriage.”

Ryan Condal, the House of the Dragon showrunner, said that a large part of the episode was about the performances of stars Matt Smith and Emma D’Arcy. It was up to them to bring warring ideologies to life in a way they haven’t had to before.

“This episode is largely about Matt and Emma and their performances, and bringing Daemon and Rhaenyra to life,” Condal said. “The crux of this argument here is the different way in which Daemon sees the world from other people in his family. And Rhaenyra is very much her father’s daughter. She has a bit of the punk rock of Daemon Targaryen, but the way she approaches her duty as sovereign I think is much more in line with Viserys. She makes the point that ‘I don’t want to rule over ash and bone.’ I don’t think Daemon wants to put the whole realm to the torch either, but I think he’s wiling to suffer a good bit bloodshed to see the Hightower’s line ended and them removed from power.”

When Is House of the Dragon Season 2?

HBO has already renewed House of the Dragon for a second season. The renewal came less than a week after the series premiere broke records for the premium network.


We don’t yet know, however, when HBO plans on releasing Season 2. The new installment is being written but there isn’t a release window at this time.

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