Avatar 3 Spoilers Potentially Spotted in The Way of Water Special Features

Avatar: The Way of Water has finally arrived on digital platforms for viewing at home, and fans are already combing through the bonus materials. As noticed by a fan on the Avatar subreddit, the included making of documentary, “Building the World of Pandora,” which clocks in at two and a half hours, may have revealed a spoiler by accident. Early on in the doc a close-up shot of a screenplay is shown on screen very briefly. This moment was noticed and subsequently transcribed by fans, revealing a potentially big piece of the puzzle for the upcoming Avatar 3. Potential spoilers follow!

There are two big things seen on the two script pages that will make fans of the Avatar series raise their eyebrows. The first of these is that a tense but friendly relationship is starting to form between Jake Sully and Colonel Miles Quaritch. This seems to have sprouted from both of them caring for Spider, Quaritch being his biological father and Jake having raised him on Pandora for most of his life. In the script pages that have been deciphered, their relationship remains largely adversarial, though common ground surrounding Spider seems to have settled them down a bit.

The second big reveal concerns Spider himself. According to the pages, what can be read at least, the young man has adapted to the environment on Pandora and can now breath the air on his own. Having worn a respirator mask for most of his life, being able to breath the toxic air of the planet is a major shift for the character. There’s also the reveal that the Sully family has returned to High Camp, their original home at the start of Avatar: The Way of Water, and former marine turned avatar Wainfleet is still alive and well too.

Now of course we must acknowledge the potential that these pages are not real. As fans know, the Avatar sequels were being shot at the same time so the scripts were written before production had began. Knowing that, it would certainly make sense that some of the footage seen in this making of feature would include bits and pieces of Avatar sequels that haven’t even come out. Again though, that’s assuming this is even accurate.