Marvel’s Avengers Reveals New Thor Skin Ahead of Delisting

Marvel’s Avengers is still getting new skins despite the fact it’s basically coming to an end. Marvel’s Avengers was a game that should’ve probably been a slam dunk, but it was anything but, sadly. Many were skeptical that a Marvel game structured like a live service title like Destiny could ever work and… they were right! Many enjoyed the main story of Marvel’s Avengers, but were extremely underwhelmed by the post-launch content, especially as more characters were released and started to feel like slightly different versions of other characters already in the game. Ultimately, the game’s grand plan came crumbling down and a bunch of extra characters/content were reportedly scrapped and it was confirmed the game would be delisted in September.

With all of that said, Crystal Dynamics is still releasing new content for the game. Marvel’s Avengers is getting a new Thor skin later this month. The Thor skin is a more classic look on the character with his signature winged helmet, but also grounds him in reality with old-school clothes made of basic fabrics and cloths. The costume aims to give a prehistoric look to Thor and make him look in line with Odin from the Phoenix Force lineup. It’s an interesting look and one that Thor fans will likely appreciate. Thankfully, Crystal Dynamics isn’t asking anyone to pay for these skins anymore, so it will be available for free starting on March 31st when the game’s 2.8 update goes live.

As of right now, Marvel’s Avengers is expected to not be available for purchase later this year. However, the game will still very much be playable. The game’s servers will remain active, so people can continue to play the game. With that said, it seems likely the game will still probably go offline at some point. With no new content coming and the current content already being heavily criticized, it’s hard to imagine the game retains a big audience.

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